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Dealing with Criticism in Corporate Life

Have to face criticism at the office? Feel desperate and exasperated? Wondering what to do? Well, with globalization, advancements in science and technology, 24/7 connectivity, and sky-rocketing aspirations of denizens, there has been a paradigm...

Four Must-Watch Horror Movies in 2018

Who doesn’t love horror movies? Well, this year offers a lot of them. From independently produced horror films to chilling sequels, you can bet on some spooky and freaky movies that might send a chill up your spine. Cuddle up in your blanket...

Applying AR for Educational Learning

Many teachers and mentors have the knack of crafting a conducive learning environment for their students and pupils, and to encourage positive engagement and participation during class. Both learning and education go hand in hand with technology...

Everest View Trekking

Everest View Trekking

This trek is composed uniquely for the individuals who have a brief span to spend and uncommon want to see a world most elevated mountain. This trek is appropriate for beginners trekkers who would prefer not to climb more up and apprehensive of...

World Best EDC Knife

World Best EDC Knife

EDC stands for “Every day Carry”. In this modern era, there are a hundred types of knives which we use in daily or emergency cases. It is commonly used for opening cardboard or clamshell packaging. When looking for best EDC knife, do research on...

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