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10 Best Travel Accessories For 2019

Are you dreading the long travel that you’re all packed for? Are you worried it will not be as comfortable as you please? Travelling can be very exhausting for many people. No matter if you are travelling by car, train or via air it is always a bit uncomfortable. But how do you make it comfortable?  The world is your oyster; you have several accessories that will completely change your travelling experience. These accessories are widely available; here is a list of ten must haves if you want a relaxing and enjoyable travel.

1) Foot Rest

Foot Rest

The most uncomfortable problem that travelers face is that their feet swell up from left hanging during long flights and bus rides. To combat this problem you must carry a good foot rest with you. We suggest you the “Embody Care Adjustable Footrest”. This footrest is best for patients of chronic foot pain. This is a safe best as it is specially designed to increase blood flow and give you a great posture. Furthermore, it has indentations on it that target the pressure points of your feet and help you relieve tension. The best part about this accessory is that it is portable and fits into your luggage nicely. It is very light weight and won’t strain your back.

2) Neck Pillow

Neck Pillow

When you are travelling for long hours, it is possible for you to crank your neck from sitting in the same position for a long time. Most travelers who travel frequently keep neck pillows to help them rest their necks and even doze off if need be. Our experts suggest the neck pillow introduced by Ostrich. “Ostrich Go Pillow” This pillow is designed in such a way that it relieves stress from your shoulders and neck. Its special features allow you to rest your head and take a peaceful nap on the go. It is very easy to carry around and can also be easily washed in the washing machine.

3) Travel Blanket

Travel Blanket

Airplane rides can get chilly; many planes do not offer blankets. Or if you are travelling with a group of your friends and have decided to camp, you need a good travel blanket that will make you warm and comfortable. A great travelling tip is to carry a nice travel blanket with you wherever you go; you never know when you might need it. We would recommend “Cocoon Coolmax Travel Blanket”. This blanket is made up of special Coolmax fabric that is made of four chamber fiber construction. This helps take away all extra moisture from your body and lets you rest without being sweaty. It is very handy and can be rolled into a bag that comes with it. You can keep it in your hand carry a it is very light weight and won’t take up much space.

4) Headphones

Headphones h

Are you still terrified of that wailing baby on the flight from the last time you travelled? Flights can be very noisy and a dent in your travel experience. You try taking a nap and the loud chewing from the person next to you keeps you annoyed and unable to sleep. Don’t worry, this time we have got you covered, “Bose Wireless Noise-Cancelling Headphones” These headphones will help you sleep like a baby. It can be your best companion on the ride, as its battery lasts you for 20+ hours. They are available in three different colors so you can travel in style.

5) Power Station

Won’t you absolutely hate if your phone or laptops runs out of battery on a terribly long flight? Think about all the hours you will just have to sit there doing nothing. It’s dreadful? We know! We today just cannot survive without our gadgets for longer than an hour, imagine a flight of twenty. What you must do to insure that nothing of the sort happens is to get a power station. The best one is “Mophie Power Station”. Mophie has designed a great power station for all the travelers out there; it has a great powerful battery of 24,000 mAh. This enables you to use your smart phones for approximately 80 hours and your tablets for an additional 20 hours. This is a must have if you are travelling far and beyond.

6) Sanitizer

Travelling is one of the biggest ways to pick up germs and diseases. You never know the amount of microbes that are on the seat you are sitting on or the bathroom door you opened with your hands. To keep yourself safe from all these you must keep a sanitizer in your hand carry so that you can easily access it and sanitize your hands. You can use “Nano Pure Next Generation” it is water soluble and stays on your hands for a longer period of time and you won’t have to apply it over and over again. You can also carry disinfectant wipes and wipe all that you are using.

7) Socks

You may all think what’s so special about socks that it has made its way on this list? Well these socks are a one of its kind. “Comfortiviva Compression Socks” are the best pair of socks that you can buy. They are specially designed for travelling and long rides. These compression socks compress your feet to up to 12-14 mmHg. This helps you to circulate blood in your feet and prevent them from falling asleep and swelling up. Long flights can be excruciatingly painful for people with low blood circulation, using these socks will rid you of your worries. These socks are highly affordable and are manufactured in different colors and patterns to suit your style.

8) Money Belt

While travelling you need to be very cautious of your belongings as there are many pickpocket waiting for the opportunity to pick your pockets so it is a wise idea to not keep your money in your pockets. Then where else should you store your money? “Money Belt by RoomierLife” is your answer. You can easily store your money in your belt if you buy this accessory. It is unisex and very practical for storing money and other valuables.

9) Shoe Bags

You’ve been trekking the entire day and now you are travelling to your next location, what should you do about your muddy shoes? You can’t keep them in your luggage in the state that they are in. The best way to handle such a situation is to get a shoe bag. “Misslo” offers nylon made shoe bags with zippers that are the best solution. You can easily keep your shoes in it whether dirty or wet, doesn’t matter.

10) Travel wallet

A travel wallet is very handy to have; with it you can store all your essential documents in one place safely. You cannot rummage through your bag every time you go through security and they ask to see your passport. Get a travel wallet and keep all your cards and tickets in it to avoid loosing them and panicking. We suggest you to get a “Samsonite Luggage Travel Wallet” It is the best of the best. It has different storage for all of your essentials. The back is out textured material which looks sleek and fashionable. It is a must have to travel fashionably and at ease.


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