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10 Tricks to Upgrade your Hotel Room for Free

Accommodation is one of the biggest fixed costs travellers have and reducing that cost can lead to big savings. However, staying at a nice hotel does not have to break the bank. Being in a nice hotel means enjoying a good view of the city or even in countryside, thus you deserve to get the best hotel room for your vacation.

Below are simple hacks you can use when you want to get an upgraded hotel room for free:

Ask for a corner room

It is recommended to opt for a corner room since you will typically get more square footage for the same price. If you are looking to upgrade to a corner room, you should be discreet and avoid asking at times when there are several guests waiting to be assisted.

Do not settle if there is a problem

If you get to your room and something is wrong – too small, light does not work, the view is bad, the neighbors are noisy or it smells awful – call the front desk immediately, and let them know you are coming back down for a reassignment. Your next room will most likely be better because of the inconvenience on the first room.

Choose your time carefully

The quieter the hotel, the more chance you will have of securing an upgrade. So travel off-peak and out of season. Try arriving after 6 in the evening when the hotel knows which rooms are likely to stay empty. You can also ignore that suggestion and arrive on the busiest days. There is a pretty possibility all the standard rooms will be full, so the only choice is to upgrade you to a better alternative.

Always be nice

Being polite, pleasant and smiley goes a long way in life, and it is no different when it comes to securing a hotel upgrade. Wear a smile and it will surely gives you a leverage.

Arrive early

That way you get the biggest choice of rooms and have more chance of ensuring that the specific one you have booked is not allocated to someone else.

Book a package

If you are travelling to just one destination, look for a deal that includes hotel, airfare and car rental. In this way, you will have much chance to have cheaper rate in once package compared to buying these components individually.

Book a room at a new property

It is also recommends booking a room at a newly-opened hotel, since this can sometimes lead to lower rates. This is because typically at these times, the hotel will be looking to increase business and get the word out, which can often lead to the ability to snag upgrades.

Mention if you are travelling on a special occasion

Whether it is your birthday, anniversary, honeymoon, or first time at a hotel, it never hurts to mention that you are there celebrating a special time. Sometimes, it can lead to upgrades or amenity kits that help make your stay all the more special.

Join the loyalty program

You might never plan to stay at another hotel in this particular chain again, but it does not matter — simply joining the loyalty programme sees you bumped higher up the upgrade queue than other punters. It is nearly always free to join, so just be sure to check or uncheck all the relevant boxes so you do not get inundated with spam.

Tip the desk attendant

Granted, offering a tip does not make it a free upgrade, but sometimes tipping the desk agent can go a long way.


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  • Being nice really goes a long way and yes I agree it could get your hotel upgraded too! Great tips Candice. Would love to try some of these out and I might get lucky!

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