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15 Things you can do when it rains in Frankfurt

Lasertag play in Frankfurt

Outside it can pour as it pleases – you only think of one thing: meet – and not be hit yourself. For a game of Lasertag it takes at least two players; but it gets really exciting in larger groups.

Cinema in Frankfurt: From Cineplex to the program cinema

A dark room, fresh popcorn, Surrounded by sounds and Hollywood’s latest blockbuster – what could be better? In the nasty weather, cinema even goes in the afternoon.

Public libraries in Frankfurt: books, games, movies and more
The public libraries in Frankfurt offer a lot of book material for young and old. Detailed information can be found here


Escape Rooms in Frankfurt: Nothing out!

Being locked in a dry room – the weather is definitely worse. The Escape Rooms principle is simple: trapped players must follow the hidden clues in the room to free themselves. If you like puzzles, Escape Rooms will love it.

Shopping in Frankfurt: Much more than Zeil and Malls

Why not use a rainy morning for all the errands that would be annoying in the sunshine anyway? Frankfurt has, of course, the Zeil and the big shopping malls. In addition, many small streets in Bornheim and Sachsenhausen invite to stroll – no matter what the weather.

On the sofa

Or even better: stay in bed the whole day! Take advantage of the rainy day to just relax and dedicate yourself to your favourite series.

Indoor Karting in Frankfurt

Now it gets action packed: how fast do you make a round? At high speed through the tight bends: this is when karting. And you do not have to worry about aquaplaning.

Indoor climbing in Frankfurt: climbing walls and bouldering arenas

Before the kids start climbing on the furniture or jumping off the cupboard like Spiderman, they can let off steam in an indoor climbing gym. You are secured and under surveillance. There are various climbing routes for every level of difficulty. Since the adult climbing monkeys find their fun.

Leisure pools in Frankfurt: Rebstockbad and Co.

Why should the bathing fun in the rain be absent? In the weather you can jump right into the water! While the child is busy and cared for by a friend or girlfriend, you can treat yourself to a sauna session.

Bowling and bowling in Frankfurt: Off to the train!

Very classic: bowling or bowling. A great fun for young and old, especially as someone always throws off. Just throwing is just not so easy.

Museums in Frankfurt: Senckenberg, Städel, Schirn – but also: Cooking, Film and Hammer (!)

In Frankfurt there are many museums such as the Senckenberg Nature Museum, the Liebighaus or the Jewish Museum. They are worth a visit as they fill many educational gaps.

Children’s Museum in Frankfurt

The museum deserves special mention again, because it is aimed specifically at the little ones. Carving, drawing, printing, photographing – here they can work out, experiment, research and even touch on different workshops.
Indoor Paintball in Frankfurt

Your rainy day will be colourful: Just shoot each other with colour cartridges! Of course this requires protective clothing and sturdy shoes. The fun is allowed only from 18 years, and builds on the understanding of the game on Lasertag, is priced but settled a bit higher.


Trampoline jump in Frankfurt: high!

The lousy mood hopping away – Even the adults become young again. Indoor trampoline jumping like in the Jump’n Fly Trampoline Park in Mörfelden-Walldorf gets the circulation going. You cannot spoil the mood of the bad weather so fast!

Theater in Frankfurt: from classic to modern, for children, adolescents and adults

If the Magic Flute (as in the picture) or Snow White and Rose Red are on the stage, the little ones are spellbound. But the adults will get their money. For example, in the Papgeno Theater at the Palmengarten, a children’s stage program will be performed at noon and later the evening program.

So if you are planning to visit Frankfurt, then don’t wait and grab your cheap flights to Frankfurt Germany now and explore a new world in this beautiful German city.


Aron Carl

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