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25 Smart Ideas to Start Your Own Small Business.

By definition, small businesses are companies that have less than 500 employees or does not meet a standard industry annual recipes caps which is 7$ million through sales. Since 1995, around 99.7 small businesses have managed to generate 65 percent of new jobs in the market.

When we talk about small businesses, we refer to something that does not need too much capital, a small number of people involved and more people are now searching for ideas to earn remotely. Yet, the ideas and nature of business vary from industry to industry. More than 99 percent of employing organizations are small businesses – out of which only 4 percent are big firms and 95 percent of businesses have less than 10 employees. If we check the stats and facts around 52% of all small businesses are home-based or remotely done.

  1. Freelancer

Freelancing is also known as being self-employed; a person who offers his services or expertize to the client(s). Usually, when we mention freelance, it is perceived as an online work only, yet, anything that is done on a task basis only either online or remotely is a freelance job. There are online sites such as Fiver, Up work, Freelancer, Elance, Craigslist, Guru, peopleperhour etc. that help freelance workers to connect with clients according to their area of interest. If you are wondering what can be done or which service can be offered through website than the list is long, it starts from writing as simple content as an article or blog comments, designing logos, web development, idea development, pitching stories, research writing, editing, proofreading, filling surveys, data entry assignments, projects that suit your expertize and time.

  1. Online Classes.

Everybody has his strengths and weaknesses, while we cannot fix all our weaknesses but we can work on them too. On the flip side, we can focus and nurture our strengths that they end up overshadowing our weak traits. There is a reason why I am saying this certain thing under this point because I believe everybody knows something which the next person does not know or he or she can teach. If someone is bad at math, they would be good at English; if someone is bad at both, they would be good at science or maybe drawing. You see, what I am trying to demonstrate here – capitalize your strengths. The online classes’ ideas start with teaching language, any skill or craft like how to do blogging, singing, the art of makeup, how to meditate, how to edit, how to write, how to become an actor or public speaker, how to do yoga and the list goes on.

  1. Coaching

As anticipated, the next point is coaching, it can be done in person, over the phone and online. Plus, coaching also has several genres from scholarships to career counseling, business ideas to financial management, psychological counseling to mentorship. The potential audience can be found from coaching any sports you are good ta, any language, interview preparation, scholarships, anything you are expert in; start charging for it.

  1. Voice Artist.

There are numerous platforms online where you can sell your voice as a voice over artist for a YouTube video or a TVC ad, radio announcements, translation, documentary narrations or what not. The opportunities are endless if you dive in this direction too.

  1. Virtual Assistant

There are countless offshore companies, people with brilliant ideas who just need excellent execution and coordination, even if it is done remotely. Some small business owners need someone to represent them, follow their ideas in place of them, and conduct operational activities online. The job responsibilities totally depend on the business nature, provided they are done remotely in which you do not have to go to the office unless something significant is taking place or your presence is required.

  1. Writer

One of those jobs in which you can write from wherever you are as long as you are giving quality to your client and meet the deadlines. Most commonly known as content writing, primarily writing content for websites, newspapers, magazines, articles for journals that need content in written form on daily basis. Obviously, it can be done in different forms too by proofreading, content management for a publication, ideas for write-ups, script or screenwriting, web copies, copywriting, article writing, essay writing, writing slogans or taglines for products or brands, the list is endless. It depends on what interests you and what you are being offered by the client.

  1. Influencer Marketing

Instagram has introduced the term influencers to the world, where they post-marketing stuff amidst their own content or just the marketing content where they review the services. If you have internet and you think you can share your experience and proficiency in the world, then you should just go for it. Most popularly, the reviews are found in writing form under one picture, however, reviews in the forms of pictures and videos are equally encouraged. As a matter of fact, Video reviews are more watched and considered a thing these days – either on YouTube or Facebook. Since Instagram is a picture portal and endorses visuals the most which are very engaging and is too successful for its age.

Primarily, the makeup, fashion, and clothing industries are shifting towards this new trends and that is the reason it is not restricted to photographs anymore, small reviews, complete stories and saved stories on top of bio which stay there forever are changing the influencer’s  and anyone can post and start a blog on Instagram where the ideas are unlimited. For those who don’t know the concept of influencers, influencers are bloggers who are used by brands to reach out to masses through their followers in return of some perks and at times cash. Amazon also has an influencer’s program and so does all the latest marketing mix have.

  1. Babysitting Business

I have a good news for all the people who love kids – they can simply earn by spending time with them. Those who can afford and think they can manage running an office or place dedicated for babysitting should start from a small scale. Some of us are kid-friendly, so they can start offering their services as child care services, maybe at the convenience of your home, if successful, it can later be extended to a full-time business with space, co-workers, and facilities to attract the people. A license may be required to do so, however.

  1. Accountant

If you are good with numbers and have some spare time, I would suggest you to start lending your expertise remotely; it can be done in the form of maintaining daily accounts of a shop or keeping a journal of a small business or may be more than one depending on how good you are with calculations and maintaining business journals. Some account and finance students also go for an hour or two at the close of business to do the business journaling, so it can also be done in which you have to take out a few hours and you will polish your expertise further by offering professional service and on top of that it will add in your CV as your experience.

  1. Driving School

If you are a good driver and can give some lessons on driving as well as get develop a road sense and coach traffic rules to someone – I have a business idea for you. If you are willing to give driving lessons on your car that’s your choice, otherwise, you can ask the student to bring their car or buy a used car for this purpose and start earning revenue without having to spend heaps of investments for starting a business nor appointing a team for your office along with its rent. However, this business requires great communication skills which can get you good repute in the market through word of mouth and referrals. Marketing will absolutely get you leads but you can survive and depend on the quality of your work not entirely on the advertisement.

  1. Buy and Sell of Used Products.

There are numerous ventures already but if you plan to buy and sell anything to figure out your area of interest(s). Maybe a person who has interest in clothing or fashion accessories might find selling books after a while or someone may be more interested in selling cars or computers and things related to this while a person like me would prefer buying or selling properties or renting the places out for others in which I would get a commission. I will be explaining more about retailing and real estate business in their respective business idea. However, buying and selling is not restricted to anything – your ideas can change the entire dimension of business because used products can be anything. Your job is to get the product from the person interested in selling that and get it to the person who is looking for it.

  1. Fashion Boutique

I know opening a fashion boutique or clothing label may sound a girlish business but factually speaking – it’s not. Since this business demands marketing and PR, the most not just to sell the products but to survive as well, therefore, it should not be restricted to any gender. Business start can surely depend on capital, however, business survival and making it a brand requires relentless attention and mindful investment either small or big amount. It can be started without a store too, if you know people, design for them, referrals are facilitating every business, regardless of its nature. Also, online stores or e-commerce businesses are not hidden from anyone. It requires the least amount of investment at the beginning or if you are good at managing digital media – get a website strong social media following and you will start getting orders.

  1. Mobile Food Service

It brings two ideas to the table; one you can get a small van and sell the freshly baked or cooked food at famous places or points from where you think you can get business. Another extension to it would be if you start taking online orders and deliver or ask them to pick the food up whenever they want. Both ideas require your version of preferences to complete a picture. If you are good with cooking or have someone who can cook the orders – collaborate. There is no harm in selling hot burgers, you never know you find KFC in your roadside business. It takes the first step to reach the top of the mountain.

  1. Courier Company

If you love driving, have access to vehicles or can by just a bike and pay a rider for delivering the orders from one place to the desired location – you can start you Courier Company. More than investment, team or vehicles; this business requires coordination and dedication. So, if you are good with it, you can earn a big name a big name in the market and get some business through recommendations only.

  1. Mobile Garage Service

Since everybody is running short on time and hopping from work to home even the weekends are occupied with stuff that needed attention the whole week or at times a month ago. In this situation, a mobile car garage where you just have to call the service and they will fix the issues of your vehicle at your home or work whenever you give them appointment – that will definitely bring a relief to the people who are too lazy to get their cars fixed or too occupied with responsibilities. This service is already in demand but adding a few more services than the ones being already offered in the market will surely make your business stand out amongst all.

  1. Medical Tour Services

If you are a doctor or know someone who is willing to lend their services it can be shaped into a very productive business. Either by taking appointments or arranging a full-day trip to a place for general checkup or specialists who would offer their expert advice to patients. It can be done at a workplace, school, underprivileged area or collaboration with an organization, remote area or a location where doctors or hospitals are too far – you have to look for an opportunity. A place where medical tour service would be in demand and they are willing to pay. Medicines, testing samples, equipment will add more value to it.

  1. Translation Services

Learning a language is an art and translating that to another is craft. If you are bilingual or know more than two languages, you can offer your services as a translator. It comes with two options, either you can opt or lend your services as an interpreter or change the scripts into another language. An added advantage and option of knowing an extra language would be if you can teach languages too.

  1. Social Media Services

Today, social media is a business not only a place to connect with friends and family anymore. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, all famous social networking sites now have business portals from where you can pay and get the desired results. Thus, social media is still in demand either for managing content on the pages, community management or running ads for generating the desired results.

  1. Party or Wedding Planners.

If you are a good planner and know how the wedding market works, the prices of flowers and their arrangements, bridal dresses, food for guests, pre and post-wedding events, photography, and videography for the events staying or managing guests and the list goes on. If this idea does not look like a chaos to you but creative – there you go.

  1. Catering Services.

The idea is food again – because it sells. People want to eat that is how we are made by default. So, you can get some great cooks onboard or just get some restaurants and a coordinator with some ads here and there. The target audience is not restricted, it can be a wedding, baby or bridal showers, parties, funerals, whenever a bunch of people want to order food in bulk – you should be the one at service. For that, you got to market your business as the most reliable and must-haves in the town.

  1. Game Parlor

Gaming is not just a hobby anymore – it is an obsession. PS3 & f sound too old, our phones, laptops, desktops, gaming is not restricted to any place now as long as it has screen and sound – can be a projector too. You have a spare room or rent a hall sort of room where you can get some screens and gaming systems – the chances of success are more only if it has all that it should have – food, environment, space, restrooms and you know all the basic necessities so people can make it their favorite spot. Competitions, discounts etc can also be arranged as soon as the setup is fully functional.

  1. Restaurant

You must be thinking Restaurant business is not a small business but I must mention that most of the biggest food chains in the world were once started as very small business e.g. KFC. You do not even need to design or prepare for the entire menu – just launch a product or two but focus on quality than quantity. You might also have to drop the prices initially in which you cover only cost in order to attract the masses and people who do not bother trying something new – discounted prices will invite them to try at least.

  1. Photographer

Do you have a camera? DSLR a digital camera that takes quality pictures? Yes? Great! No? That is also fine. You can borrow or rent for an event and return it back. You can always capitalize on your skill and if it gets you some extra bucks. That’s awesome. Even in case you like photography and know the basics, and do not have a fancy camera to practice or offer your services. Renting and borrowing can get you some money to buy a professional camera for yourself. You just have to offer your services is not too expensive prices or sell your captured pictures online. There is a list of websites similar to shutter stock or stock photography where you can submit your work and earn some bucks along with your practice.

  1. Consultant

We all love to advise or suggest something productive or constructive to someone we love and some people just can’t help it unless they share a good idea or suggestion to everyone in their circles. So, if you are good at anything like recruitment where you can help companies finding the best candidates, visas knowledge, digital media marketing which includes account management for Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, SEM, PPC, etc. Could also be an Advertisement, PR or Marketing agency in which the campaigns are vigilantly designed and run on massive level or local level on TV, Billboards, Radio, Newspapers, even for the brands that are on retention stage. The ideas are many if you explore yourself and what the market wants. You can also create your market if the idea is new but need of the hour.

  1. Blogging

For a small business idea, blogging is an interesting one but in order to earn something from it a well-carved strategy, great content and a stroke of luck to get the content viral is needed. Blogging is not restricted to writing or talking about something important – it can be as simple as sharing your daily life or things that interests or excites you. Famous bloggers post content in the form of videos, pictures, GIFs, as petty as memes or the most popular one in which they just review products and services they come across. If the blog gets famous, people and brands will start paying you for publishing their content or reviewing their products or services. Otherwise, YouTube or Google also have the option of getting your page monetized. If you do that, your page will have some sponsored ads and you will earn through them gradually but surely whenever people will click on them.

The Bottom-line is:

I am a business coach; I not only teach or train people Entrepreneurship, Small Medium Business, Digital Marketing, but I also preach this idea of owning a business no matter how small. Every business listed in Forbes 500 was just a small idea once. I believe everybody has an access to the internet, I am glad I got Cox Communications and never had to change and utilized its strength to research numerous inspiring ideas to change the world along with the wave of digital transformation.

Peter Shimming

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