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3 Perfect Backdrops For Your Abu Dhabi Wedding Photos

Your wedding day is the greatest milestone of your life, and it should be the happiest and most perfect day of your life too. Memories of your wedding will stay with you forever, but it’s also nice to have something tangible to look back on with your spouse in years to come, and that’s why high-quality wedding photos and videos can prove invaluable. More and more people are choosing picture paradise locations overseas to get married in, and Abu Dhabi is an ideal choice. It has idyllic weather all year round, and iconic locations that will look simply stunning in your wedding album; here are three of the very best backdrops that will make your beautiful pictures even better.

1. The Corniche

The Corniche is the main beach that runs along Abu Dhabi’s promenade and stretches away for five miles of mesmerizing golden sands. It’s numbered among the world’s most beautiful beaches and with the sun shining down upon it, as it does from January to December, it makes the perfect backdrop for a wedding photograph. It’s also an ideal location to take or renew marriage vows, which is just one of the many reasons that couples choose Abu Dhabi for their wedding. Selecting from Abu Dhabi wedding packages is easier and cheaper than you might expect, and expert wedding planners will help you create a truly luxurious wedding in this earthly paradise.

2. Marina Mall

If you think a shopping mall isn’t ideal for wedding photographs, then the Marina Mall in Abu Dhabi will make you think again. It’s much more than a mall, as it also incorporates entertainment venues, an ice-skating rink, and restaurants serving the finest cuisine from across the world. Most importantly, it incorporates stunning architecture that gives a real look of luxury, and this is why it will make the perfect backdrop for your wedding pictures. It looks especially spectacular at night, with the golden lights of Abu Dhabi behind the mall reflected in its water features.

3. Qasr al-Hosn

Much of Abu Dhabi’s glory comes from its ultra-modern buildings, but Qasr al-Hosn charms us because it perfectly encapsulates the Arabia of older times. It’s a late eighteenth-century fortress and palace that has long been a traditional home of the Al Nahyan family, the rulers of the Emirates. Its towering white walls and decorative features, so typical of the very best Islamic middle eastern architecture, are timelessly beautiful and achingly romantic, which is why they make such a perfect backdrop for your wedding album

Qasr al-Hosn, Marina Mall, and the Corniche, or indeed any of Abu Dhabi’s incredible beaches, all help to create wedding photographs that you’ll be proud to look back on in years to come. It’s also easy to take a ride into the desert and be photographed with camels for a fun picture. There’s so much to see and do in Abu Dhabi, and wedding packages allow you to see the very best of it on the most important occasion of them all.


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