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Top 3 Reasons to Travel to Madagascar

3 Reasons Why Madagascar Should Be Your Next Stop

Nowadays, everyone hopes to travel to some exotic faraway location to escape from the choke-hold of a hectic routine. And in this respect, nothing much beats journeying off to an island destination stranded somewhere in the massive blue oceans of the world. Madagascar is one such ideal holidaying destination. It has many beautiful sights. But before you decide on it, I suggest you first research about it through your Spectrum cable and internet plan.

Three Reasons Why You Should Go To Madagascar

In this blogpost, I’ll give 3 reasons why you should consider booking your trip to Madagascar this summer.

As a lifelong travelling enthusiast, I’ve had the privilege of visiting some of the planet’s most enchanting locations. I’ve made lengthy expeditions to bustling cities and tourist destinations in the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. I even ended up seafaring to Antarctica once, but this journey was cut short by an icy blizzard blowing in the south pacific. So trust me when I advise you about certain things.

Before traveling to Madagascar, be sure to book your hotel rooms in advance (with full initial payments). Because the island natives, most of whom are very fine and hospitable people, do have a tendency to rip you off at times. In particular, they can sometimes try to extort huge dollar bills from first-time holiday makers by pretending that there are no lodging rooms available.

You can also do well by enlisting the help of a local historian or travel guide, who can walk you past customs and guide you to the island’s best attractions.

Talking about the main attractions, the following are the reason why Madagascar should be on your bucket list:

  1. The Enchanting Vegetation and Plant Life  

Having split off from the Indian subcontinent more than seventy million years ago, Madagascar still retains some semblance of its south Asian origins. This is most notable in its colorful plant life, of which there are more than 15000 species unique to the island. These are not only beautiful to catch sight of, they also tend to make some distinctive sounds in the wind.

Many island locals support themselves financially by making elaborate necklaces and hand bracelets with these local plant varieties. These have long shelf lives as well, and can survive an airplane trip or two. As such, they make the ideal tourist souvenirs for capturing the feel of the island.

Some of Madagascar’s flower varieties also fetch a lot of interest in the perfume market. They have strong scents, which are distilled by western companies like Givenchy and Hugo Boss in many of their perfume lines.

  1. The Amazing Topography

Madagascar’s topography is amazing – and that is an understatement. The island plays host to lagoons, valleys, forests and lengthy meadows, all of which provide great sightseeing opportunities to tourists. In addition, travelers can walk for many hours on the natural trails that form the embankments of these locations.

One thing that you should remember when visiting the island is not to throw any litter around. Unlike some other countries with ‘liberal’ littering policies, Madagascar locals are offended by such instances. They consider littering to be a serious breach of hospitality, and there have been occasions when some tourists have even been firmly asked to leave.

  1. The Generous People

Madagascar locals conform to the Malagasay ethnic group, which derives its ancestry from a mix of Arab, Indian and African gene pools. Those who reside in the south of the island, have their own distinct cultural practices and beliefs from the citizens of mainland Africa. They are generally hospitable to a fault, though they do appreciate it immensely when foreigners take care to respect their traditions. And the cuisines that they manage to whip up from locally grown vegetables and herbs prove to be a delight for the taste buds.

For most people, these three reasons are enough to convince them to get their travel arrangements to Madagascar in order. I haven’t discussed any of the island’s other marvels, which you (as a potential tourist) need to discover for yourself. Let there be some element of surprise! Although I can never do that. My travel trips are always planned after a thorough online research thanks to the high speed internet plan offered by Spectrum internet!

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