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3+ Thing You have to Know Before Buying a Cutting Board

As one of essential cooking prep items, the right cutting board depends on your cooking style and funds. If you are looking for an easy and affordable alternative, consider a kit of plastic cutting boards you can simply pop in a dishwasher. Glass also stone cutting boards are further low-maintenance, but can be increased damaging to knives. For a more permanent and regular option, stick including a classic wood cutting board.

Familiarizing yourself among the following features of a quality cutting board order help you determine the best design for your kitchen.


The genuine carving boards own features that make the method of cutting and serving meat as efficiently as potential. So that the board lingers put when you realize the delicate process of carving the meat, unusual carving boards possess an advanced rubberized rim that grasps the outside of the board or table.

Different models keep the content itself in place. Unusual have raised points that penetrate the food, and others highlight an oval-shaped hole in the center of the board that provides the meat a place to rest securely. These anchoring duties, as well as names, also make it accessible to transport the chicken to the table without disturbing about it sliding away from the board and onto the ground.


Thinking that a 16-pound turkey can contain 16 to 17 inches in length, it’s necessary to choose a cabinet that will hold large pieces of meat. A right size that will enable you to cut just about any part of the meat fast is 20 to 21 inches long by 14 to 16 bits wide. Of course, if you only make short pieces of food, a 14-to 15-inch-long board will serve.


A preponderance of cutting boards become in wood, plastic, glass and acrylic models. Wood cutting boards are crafted from hard-lasting, durable hardwoods, before-mentioned as bamboo, maple, teak, and acacia. Wood boards must be cleaned by hand.

Wood cutting boards are composed of pressed wood fiber composite including a food-safe resin, which gives a natural food safe board. The feel and look are natural, no crystal oil is needed, and these foods are stain-resistant to greatest foods.

Plastic cutting boards to hold up well to cutting. They have the combined benefit of doing non-porous, which suggests they hold odors and cut lines. Plastic is dishwasher secure.

Glass cutting boards are very hygienic, dishwasher safe, yet will dull knives the most over time. They are likely to cracking including cutting.

Acrylic cutting boards are easy-weight, dishwasher safe and chip tight. Their clear color blends into any kitchen décor so you can move them on your counter, especially if pressed for counter space.


You apparently won’t always be carving cuts of meat, so it pays to get a reversible cutting board that enables you to slice on one surface and flips the board above to a flat side for other kitchen cutting jobs, such as chopping, dicing and decreasing.

Adequate Juice Trench

Several cooked pieces of chicken emit juice while you cut into them that you may want to keep and use for gravy, so it’s important to choose a model with a generous juice trench. The juice trench, which consists of a wall around the perimeter of the board, should be thick and full enough to catch the liquid without removing onto the countertop. Unusual juice features a groove on the rim that works as a pouring spout and enables you to drain the juice inside a pot for cooking juice quickly.


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