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4 Frequently Asked Questions that are Essential for Sichuan Birding in China

Sichuan is a remarkable place is China. Landlocked by mountains and high plateau, the southwestern province is a place to seek what you wish for. Instead of flocking towards the megacities like Beijing or Hong Kong, Chengdu brings you peace and serenity. The foggy mountains and diverse nature can give you a golden opportunity to explore your hobby of bird watching in a new way. Moreover, the endless series of endemic bird species are what Sichuan offers, too.

Keeping this key information in mind, you have fixed the birding tour in Sichuan. And, you will be spending days after days in different regions. However, have you asked the basic things about Sichuan birding? Here are a few of the frequently asked questions mentioned below.

How long is the trip?


The classic Sichuan bird watching trip extends around 18 days. Your tour will start from Chengdu while exploring the prime sites to spot rare birds. The, it will move from the city to the natural landscape. Xiangling Mountain, Erlangshan, Baoxing, Balang Mountain, and Mengbi Mountain are the prominent places. On the 17th day, you are likely to visit Tangiiahe and the return to Chengdu. And, the professional service will drive you back to the airport for catching a flight, on the last day.

What kind of birds to expect?


Sichuan is one of the exotic places to notice a wide scale of avian families. It is safe to say that more than 40 endemic bird species have found a home in this province. If you traverse through Wawu, you are likely to find Sichuan Treecreeper. Because of the wetlands, bamboo trees, and summit plateau, there are several parrotbill species are found. Again, around Elangshan and Baoxing, you can photograph Rufous-tailed Babbler, Streaked Barwing, Fire-capped Tit, and Chestnut-flanked White-eye. Sichuan is a native place to different kinds of Pheasant, Thrush, Partridge, Rosefinch, Treecreeper, and Fulvetta.

What are the things not included in the tour?

tools of trip

There are certain things that are excluded during the tour. You may have to pay additional charges for the services. So, when you are flying to Chengdu and returning home, the airfare is not included in the trip budget. Or, if you want to enjoy drinks, they are also excluded. Basically, the personal expenses (like laundry services) are not added in the trip. Furthermore, you need to pay for any special event not included in the itinerary.

Is the trip going to be difficult?

Difficulties of trip

The trip difficulty level ranges from easy to moderate. You will be spending the major part on the roadside. Only a few places require carrying your hiking gears. However, this is not mandatory. Again, for a few people, the high altitudes can be a little difficult. You may have to go around 4,500 meters above sea level. It is the best to consult with your medical professional whether you can hike at such a high elevation.

You can also customize the Qinghai bird watching tour according to your preferences and tastes. To know more about the trip details, visit the official webpage.

Author bio: Ernest Wenger is a traveler and blogger who has published many articles on how to make the best out of Qinghai bird watching tour. Here, he mentions a few of the questions that every birder must ask before Sichuan birding.


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