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4 Hotel Safety Tips for Travelers

In 2016, the tourism industry accounted for 19.7%, almost a fifth, of the Philippines’ gross domestic product. The year after, its contribution continued to increase by 7.8%. Now it is expected to grow by a yearly average of 5.2% until year 2027.

Least to say that the tourism industry is booming and has no signs of slowing down, and many other industries are riding it’s wave.

One of which is the real estate sector, which is why it’s not hard to spot 5-star hotels in Manila, Makati, BGC, and other ideal locations. These hotels are built to make you feel at home when you’re away from home. They aim to make you feel and secure.

As a traveler, that’s reassuring, but don’t be too dependent on hotel management. There are still some things you can and should do to ensure your safety during your trips. Read below to find out what these things are and how they help you!

Choose a Safe Room

Prior to checking in, ask the attendant if you can get a room between the third and sixth floors. Safety experts consider rooms located at these levels as the safest ones.

The reason behind this is they’re at a floor level that’s difficult to break into but easy for most fire engine ladders to reach.

On the flipside, you should not accept a room on the ground floor. Although convenient, rooms on the ground floor are too accessible and are the least safe.

Inspect the Room

Before you release the valet who has accompanied you to your room, inspect everything in the room first.

Check the closet, the bath, the curtains, and the beds for anything out of the ordinary and suspicious. The sheets should be clean and brand-new and there should be no trace that anyone was ever there, meaning no belongings have been left by previous users.

Once everything checks out, allow the valet to leave and don’t forget to thank him/her.

Use the Safe

Most, if not all, hotels provide an in-room safe. Use them.

When not in use, store your valuables – gadgets, money, jewelry – in the safe. Even fragile objects should be stored so that it doesn’t get in the way of the cleaning crew. Additionally, constantly remind yourself that you stored things in the safe or else you may forget them when you check out.

If your room doesn’t have a safe, leave your valuables inside your suitcase and keep it locked.

Lock the Doors

This should be common practice, but you’ll be surprised at how often people forget to lock their doors.

Doors should be locked regardless of whether you are in the room or not. It also doesn’t matter if you’re expecting a guest or other members of the family are still outside. Lock your doors – deadbolt and all.

As extra precaution, you can even use a door wedge to secure it. This guarantees that if someone picks the lock, they still won’t be able to enter easily.

Key Takeaway

Whether you’re only staying at a 3-star hotel or at a fancy 5-star hotel in Manila or Makati, it is still in your best interest to follow these tips.

You may think it makes you seem paranoid, but it doesn’t. These are basic tips that travelers should follow lest they want to lose their belongings or jeopardize their safety.

Now you won’t have to worry too much about your stuff, and you can focus on enjoying your trip to the fullest!


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