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4 Tips on buying Foton trucks

Buying a truck is not as simple as it seems. You don’t simply choose a truck that looks
good for work and go with it. In the Philippines, Foton trucks are some of the best
truck brands around, and they are known for their many characteristics and properties.
Foton trucks are famous for a number of features. First off, they’re powered by
Cummins engines, an engine that has made a name for itself for powering heavy-duty
trucks for years. All of the truck parts used in Foton trucks are only from world-
renowned brands.

Overall, Foton trucks are well-known for their high-quality vehicles and high
customizability. An established automotive leader around the world, Foton trucks are
truly a testament to quality trucks. It’s no surprise that many companies are on the
lookout to buy Foton trucks. In that regard, here are some tips whenever you plan to
buy Foton trucks!

Play Around your Budget
Whenever a business plans on buying something, there’s always a budget that will limit
the purchases you’ll be making. The same goes for buying Foton trucks. However, the
added customizability that Foton trucks are known for makes up for this. You can settle
for the cheaper trucks and just add a load of customizations on it to make it adapt to
your needs!

Look for a Trusted Truck Seller
This point is valid every time you plan to buy trucks in general. Being able to buy trucks
from the company themselves is always a plus, but in the cases when you can’t, all you
have to do is to make sure that the truck seller is trusted and reliable.
Indicators of a reliable truck seller can be gotten through references and certifications.
References are people that have already dealt with the seller. The better things that
they can say about them, the better their reputations might be. Certifications are
rewarded to those sellers who have shown quality products and/or service.

Determine the Right Horsepower and Load Capacity

Foton trucks are famous for their high-quality engines. And when you talk about
engines, they’re so many types and classifications for different applications. With that
being said when buying a Foton truck, you should choose an engine that is perfect for
where your truck will be used for.

Take note that you don’t necessarily need to have incredibly high horsepower every
time, so getting a particular engine for specific applications is recommended.

Review Maintenance Procedures
Although the maintenance of trucks isn’t really a big deal when it comes to buying a
truck, they’re relatively important when we’re talking about the miscellaneous costs.
Maintenance can be a big part of the budget that comes with buying a truck so if you
can, you should prioritize trucks that need minimal maintenance, or at least trucks that
don’t need professional maintenance for its parts.

Key Takeaway
Foton trucks are known as some of the best trucks in the Philippines. Foton trucks are
durable and manufactured to last for a very long time. If you plan on buying these
trucks, make sure that you take into consideration the four tips provided above!

Neil Dimapilis

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