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4 Tips for Urban Travellers in the Philippines

The Philippines is home one of the best cities in the world filled with the friendliest and most hospitable people. You can never run out of activities in the city what with the greatest tourist sights and attractions that you can see paired with the accommodation of the best 5 star hotels in Manila to end your day with. The country is home to the most pristine beaches and natural resources to feast your eyes with but for those who see an urban adventure, these are the top tips to remember if you plan to visit the capital of the Pearl of the Orient Seas. Read more here:

Be Secured at All Times

What most travelers do is let their guard down once they start enjoying but this should not always be the case. Although Manila is a beautiful city, it is also vulnerable to bad people. So the best things to do is to avoid placing valuables in plain sight and avoid going to places associated with bad neighborhoods. In short, do not be so quick to trust the people around you because there might be altercations that comes with it.

Always Check Weather Reports

There’s nothing that can dampen your mood than spoiled plans. There is a common misconception about the Philippines that the entire country experiences the same weather all throughout. It would be nice if it is sunny everyday but that is not exactly the case. The country has four distinct climate zones so it is important that you study regional weather forecast so you can adjust plans accordingly. Manila can experience a severe wet season especially in the months of July to September. However, you may be in luck if you are planning to visit a particular area where it is dry that time.

Typhoons are what you need o to watch out for because they greatly affect the country and it can even occur even outside of the typhoon season which is in June to December. Keep an eye on possible bad weather conditions and just stay in your cozy 5 star hotel in Manila to get a much-deserved shut eye.

Choosing Other Accommodation Besides Hotels

This is a big no-no if you are staying in the city. Do not assume that a cheap accommodation is much better than hotels. Major urban hubs like Manila is home to great hotels so you should take advantage of this. Although prices can be a tad higher than provincial rates, you will be at ease because you are sure to get your value for money here.

Have Fun as Much as You Can

You should know that you can have fun in Manila without much effort from your end. Just engaging yourself in the culture and learning about the city from its people are enough to keep you happy for days. Bask in the cozy and hospitable ambiance because this is what Filipinos are well-known for and you will get the chance to have a firsthand encounter with different personalities. Just make your agenda as simple as possible: “Have fun!”

Key Takeaway

Knowing these tips when visiting an urban jungle such as Manila will greatly aid you in ensuring that you have a great vacation here in the Philippines. Travel to other cities after you go to Manila and you will see the same beauty that you are welcomed with the first time you arrived here. Keep in mind that visiting the country is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity so make it count. Enjoy!

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