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4 Ways to Determine the Most Energy Consuming Kitchen Appliances at Home

Planning to start going green and limit the use of power in your house? Specifically, your kitchen home appliances. In the Philippines, many people track energy consumption via a variety of different methods. If you haven’t found the right method yet, give these energy consuming approaches a try. Here are some ways of determining the most energy consuming kitchen appliances in your own home.


This is one of the most practical methods for determining the energy consumption of your kitchen appliances. How do you do this? You could take not of how long you use a certain appliance or the time it takes to cook a certain meal with, let’s say, your oven. Now that you have records of how long you use an appliance, you’ll have a vague idea on which appliances use the most energy.

But there’s more to just keeping records of appliance usage. The time you use a certain appliance will not determine the exact numbers in terms of energy consumption, as every appliance will have different displacements of energy, quantified into watts. Most home appliances in the Philippines have a label that displays their wattage.

Rough Estimates

If you don’t have enough time to keep records of how long you use a certain appliance, you could make rough estimates of appliance usage depending on your daily or weekly routines. Just like taking notes on how long your appliance runs, you could base your estimates on how often you use your coffee maker, microwave, electric stove, or toaster.

Depending on the wattage of your appliances you could take note of the overall kitchen appliance wattage use and divide the numbers according to how long you use a certain device. Though having rough estimates will be difficult to move the pin on which appliance uses the most energy as refrigerators always work at maximum wattage. This may pose difficulties when you want exact numbers.

Home Energy Measurement Tools

Without the help of some technology, it will be hard to get exact figures of the most energy consuming appliances in your kitchen. For those that want to determine among which of your appliances is the most energy consuming, it’s best to make use of energy consumption trackers. These devices will be the best solution for energy-savings and ultimately, lower the overall cost of electricity bills if you want to put an exact limit to your appliance’s energy use.

Smart Plugs

This device will be the best way to determine the exact numbers of how much energy your kitchen appliances use. Earlier models of smart plugs don’t offer energy consumption monitors and are specifically used to cut the flow of power to the appliance the smart plug is plugged into. Today, many smart plugs come with energy usage monitors, which allow you get draw the exact figures of your appliance’s energy consumption.

A great advantage of using a smart plug is that it’s extremely simple to use. They’re basically power adapters with a tracking screen that allows you to set a certain cut off depending on time usage or power usage. As mentioned earlier, modern smart plugs can now allow you to monitor the specific number of power used by a certain appliance. All you have to do is plug your appliance’s power outlet into the smart plug and plug it into the power socket. It’s just as simple as that.

Smart Meters

Smart meters are one of the best ways to measure the amount of energy your house uses. Many houses today are equipped with these smart meter and are usually installed by your local power companies. The main purpose of this device is to allow a power company to monitor your home’s energy use and provide you with regular reports about the energy consumption of your home.

Your local power company will send in the energy consumption reports, usually via mail. In these reports, you can see your total monthly energy usage and the total number of kilowatts were used within a certain month. You could request your local power company to provide you with another smart meter to specifically measure the power of a certain room, such as your kitchen. This lets you receive a trimmed down report of how much energy is consumed for a certain room, allowing you to calculate how much power is being used by certain kitchen appliances.

Key Takeaway

There are many different ways to monitor and determine which kitchen appliances consume the most energy. From manual methods such as taking notes and keeping records to making rough estimates based on time usage are still viable ways of determining a kitchen appliance’s power usage. But with today’s technological advancements, there are certain devices and tools that can help you gather the exact numbers of power consumption per kitchen appliance for better home improvement.

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