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Awesome Places to Go Camping

5 Awesome Places to Go Camping & Surfing this summer

People romanticize the idea of camping under the night sky and surfing the waves all day. This fantasy that many people get to live composes of two of the best outdoor activities in the world. Surfing on your camping trip is a great way to make your outdoor adventure more rewarding. This summer, plan your camping trip in one of the best places in the world to surf at.

Check out these 5 spots that make the cut.

1. Brevard County

Florida is the place to be in summer. However, it can be a challenge for people not used to the scorching sun since the average daily temperature can go up to 90 degrees. Sebastian Inlet is the epicenter of the surf coast in Florida. You would know this because this is the place where the most surfing championships have been held than anywhere else in the world.

Campers have the freedom to peruse through less crowded options like Bonsteel Park, Vero Beach, Melbourne, and Spanish House. You can pitch a tent and walk to the public beach which is only 25 minutes away.

The Long Point Park Campground, which is part of the parks in Brevard County is situated in a green and mellow little island in the middle of the Indian River Lagoon – the west side of the A1A. There is an RV site which gives you access to electricity and water, and a place to pitch up tents as well. You will definitely not want to miss out on fishing while you are at the Long Point Park Campground. Interestingly, their kayaks, air- boating and fishing are a phenomenal experience, and unlike many that you may have tried anywhere else.

2. The Na Pali Coast

The Na Pali Coast is the place to be with deep lush valleys, sandy beaches, and sea cliffs. An experienced hiker would set up on the campsite for at least two days to enjoy the beauty of the Hawaiian coast.

If you want to make a trip to Na Pali this summer, you should plan a trip at least 6 months beforehand to get a camping permit in time. The waterfalls make the coast a frequent backpacking adventure. Know that between the months of May and October it is hot and humid because of trade winds accompanied by the rain. However, these are also the perfect months to surf while you camp. If you want to kayak too, remember that it is allowed from mid-May until September.

When packing, do not forget to get a mosquito repellent and other essentials to make the most of your overnight camping adventure at Na Pali. A camp stove and fuel would come super handy too. This is because fires are prohibited on the coast.

3. Kamafari Surf Camp, Indonesia

The Kamafari Surf Camp in Bukit Peninsula is one of the best camping spots in Bali. You will find a lot of different surfs which makes this destination an ideal spot for first-time surfers. In fact, the beach provides suitable year-round conditions for surfers.

Experienced surfers will fall in love with the famous surf spots – Padang and Uluwatu. In Bali, you will easily be able to find a surf for every athletic level. This is the only camp in Indonesia that has a 180 degrees view of the ocean.

4. North California’s Surf Camp Pacifica

Linda Mar Beach is a great place to surf in the Northern California region. It offers peaks according to surfing difficulty as you make your way towards the beach. Towards the south end, you will find shallow sandbars. The northern areas, on the other hand, have heavier surf and deeper channels.

Surf Camp Pacifica is also the longest and the largest camp in the area. Over 400 students visit the place to surf and camp there. The great thing about this place is that they offer a surfing lesson. So if you already love camping, amplify the adventure with ‘surf coaching.’

5.  Cape Lookout

This is an old, and mostly empty beach and therefore is the perfect place to go camping. You will not find any reserved camping ground or development areas, but you will find tons of adventure. Visitors arrive via ferry. If you plan on bringing a vehicle, remember that there are no roads so you would drive around in the loose sand, which means you would need a four-wheel drive.

The ferries run between the months of April and November, but campers visit the place all year round. You would need to pack extra for this trip, with food and drinking water. You may also want mosquito netting and insect repellant.

And there you have it, the five best places to have double the fun, with camping and surfing this summer. Make sure you read up on the weather and make a prep checklist before you leave.




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