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5 Places to Visit in Your Next Sichuan Birding Tours for Shooting Endemic Beauties

The southwest part of China is a nature’s wonder. Sichuan or China of China is the quintessential Chinese province located on the southwestern side of the country. The spicy food, ancient history, pandas, breathtaking landscapes, and endemic birds – these aspects complete Sichuan. Generally, visitors around the world fly out to here for Chengdu Panda Research Base, Jiuzhaigou, Mount Emei, and Leshan Giant Buddha. Now the alpine ranges, national parks, and nature reserves attract different kinds of migratory avian along with the native species.

However, the earthquake affected the birded regions in Sichuan but the commonly found birds are thriving amidst the dense or broadleaf forests. It is easy to find the Snowy-cheeked laughingthrush, sooty tit, rufous-headed robin, and spectacled parrotbill flying in the sky. So, you need Sichuan birding tours for getting the perfect dose of excitement in life. Here are a few of the places that you must visit in search of avian family.

Chengdu, the Kingdom under Heaven


Because of the multiple rivers and parks around the city, Chengdu has become of the best places in China. The rich cultural sites and alluring environments are extra bonuses for everyone Chengdu for bird watching. You may visit Sichuan University only to witness 130 bird species in one place. The small forests surrounding the university campus and residential buildings are home to many native birds. Again, take time to visit Huanhuaxi Park and Dufu Thatched Cottage which is the largest park in Chengdu. The artificial lakes and beautiful scenery attract white-browed laughingthrush, yellow-billed grosbeak, Vinous-throated parrotbill, and many more.

Xiangling Mountain in Yongzhou Area


Located in western of Sichuan province. Here, the beauty of Xiangling brings a wide scale of babblers, laughingthrushes, parrotbills, and many more. So, prepare yourself to witness Golden-fronted Fulvetta, Emei Shan liocichla, Golden parrotbill, Red-winged laughingthrush, and Slaty bunting. The chances of catching endemic bird species in their habitat are always high.

Ancient Baoxing County


This may be one of the seven counties under Ya’an city but it is one of the hotspots for biodiversity. The thousand-year-old history of Qiang people is very much instilled in every step of the town. Moreover, it is considered the melting pot of different cultures. From common Tibetan Buddhism to ingenious Nature Worship, Baoxing County has seen it all. Apart from the rich heritage, the diverse lands and lush bamboo forests beautify the county. In addition to it, the dense vegetation is another reason to attract birds widely. Grey-hooded Fulvetta, Fire-capped Tit, Chestnut-flanked White-eye, Brown Parrotbill, and Great Parrotbill – these are the popular birds found in this region. And the best part is that you can get a glimpse of the giant panda.

Rilong, the Base of Mount Siguniang

Mount Siguniang

Also known as Siguaniangshan, the town is located in Xiaojin County. The place mainly attracts hikers all over the world. However, the place has gradually become a paradise for birders. As you walk around the ancient cultural site, you are bound to catch Sichuan Tit, Daurian Redstart, Chinese Fulvetta, Pink-rumped rosefinch, and Chestnut Thrush. It is here to note that the town is nest to different kinds of thrushes and rosefinches. So, if you wish to explore the mountain base while spotting beautiful birdies, you know where to come.

Breathtaking Balang Mountain  

feature image

Locally known as, Banlan mountain, this is located in Xiaojin county. The high altitude makes the expedition quite thrilling for every birder. So, when you are almost there, the grasslands, stones, peaks, and plateaus create a stunning view. Amidst nature’s beauty, Tibetan Snowcock, Alpine accentor, Chinese Monal, White-eared pheasant, and Crimson-browed finch chirp away.

Are you ready to witness these endemic bird species amid the picturesque mountain valleys and towns? Book your tickets for bird watching in China now.

Author bio: Lien Chou, an avid birder with many blog posts, has recently published on the ways to enhance fun during bird watching in China. Here, she mentions the important places to visit in Sichuan birding tours.  


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