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5 Remarkable Travel Destinations in the US



If you often get the travel bug in your system and just cannot live without an adventure to a new place then you have travel-phobia. Who can blame you? After all, a journey soothes the soul as well as the mind. People around the world try and save especially for a trip to get out of the conundrum of everyday life routine. With life getting ever so fast and things spinning out of control, we all need some peace and love to connect with nature. It heals and comforts us, creating better possibilities and opportunities; for with your mind at rest, one can do wonders.

The US offers its citizens and to the people around the world with amazing options for travel. From diverse historic cities to natural scenic beauty, there’s a place for everyone. There are destinations, which are hauntingly amazing; monuments drenched in history’s upheavals and so much more. You can find the hottest new trends in New York, live the ultimate nightlife in Vegas, get high with the grandness of the Canyons and there will still be so much left unseen. We’ve selected a few such inspiring places that are worth going to and experiencing.

1) California

Of all the bridges in the world, Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco can astound you like none other. You can take a bike ride or go on foot and bask in the mesmerizing glory of its construction and structure. What adds to its glory is the view of the bay that stays with you, take a breath, spare a moment, film the views and you’re all set to go. Quaint little towns are just downhill from the bridge that offers food and rest to weary travelers.

Another amazing adventure is the stunning feel of the Mediterranean that you can experience on the central coast. The coastline is splendid and the beaches are picture perfect, with scattered waterfalls that add to the charm of the place. It’s called the American Riviera and has served as a muse to many creative geniuses in literature for its dreaminess. Furthermore, there is the Lake Tahoe that is on the border of both California and Nevada. In summers, this centuries-old lake offers sandy beaches while winter brings snow trekkers out of their holes.

2) Alaska

If rustic, storm-prone and wild are a turn on for the crazy traveler in you then you’ve earned the jackpot. The Aleutian Islands offer just that and more. With active volcanoes and rough climate, thundering seas and a chance to experience the wrath of nature in all its glory, Alaska is for the untamed, unruly soul. It will feel like as if you’ve stepped into another time with more fauna than human life and it keeps getting better with the rustic natural backdrops. With amazing marine life like Orca, Humpback and Sperm whales, unique birds, walruses, and sea lions and not to forget, the Grizzlies, Alaska offers a stunning wildlife experience.

You don’t need to travel all the way to the Himalayas to view huge mountains. If you’re a “Cliffhanger” fan, get ready to experience the thrill of jaw-dropping scenery that is so much a part of White Pass and Yukon Route Railroad in Alaska, as well as the Denali National Park. The amazing railroad gives you breathtaking views as it climbs a height of almost 3,000 feet with mountains, valleys and green pastures.

3) Florida

With a warm sunny climate, shining golden beaches, Florida is the sun-kissed state, which offers family as well as cultural attractions; both of which include the Walt Disney World and Miami. With southern hospitality and the ever so wonderful Emerald coast, this beautiful city can please and excite you with its various charms. Bask in the beautiful sunshine that is a God sent for people in the colder regions in the States. Miles and miles of beautiful sunny beaches that stretch forever are the charms that Florida offers. Since it offers a tropical weather almost all year through, it is the place to be, with the far spread, attractive Islands; an experience of the Caribbean while staying close to home. Go for snorkeling, visit boutiques on the coast, live the nightlife and get cocktails to experience the balmy feel of Key West.

If Spain was ever on your bucket list for traveling, you’re in for a surprise. Visit Saint Augustine and you will step back in time to the old world era that will whisper to you of the Spanish rule. With its old Spanish style buildings that are lit in the light with millions of lights, enjoy the extraordinary golden period.

With its daunting popularity, major telecom companies have aired shows regarding life at Florida which will make you literally fall in love with the place. You can tune into your Xfinity TV stream from Comcast and watch the local shows as well as get news on the attractions which the state has to offer.

4) Hawaii

Want some alone time with not a soul in sight, Hawaii has the option of an array of splendid Islands that offer sandy beaches which are remotely placed, for example, the Honopu Beach. An Island heaven tops all other beach states and cities. Watch the humpbacks play in the waters of Maui, go hiking in the natural foliage of the island of Kauai, the beautiful weathers which never treats you bad; an answer to prayers is what stands Hawaii for. Relaxing or thrilling, both are available options for travelers that come to this Island state. It’s perfect for a water affair.

5) Washington

If forests, mountains, and beaches, all come together to form a beautiful piece of land that is completely natural in its appeal to the senses, you will get Washington. There are waterfalls found near almost every bend as you explore the landscape in the wilderness of this state. You name it and Washington has it. There are the temperate rainforests that are an astounding example of the few remaining systems. With great hemlocks, firs, and spruce, the landscape is as varying as the state itself. Put it on your definite go-to list, whether you’re an international traveler or have just never had the chance to explore places in your own homeland. There is the Olympic National Park, Leavenworth village with its Christmas lights and carols and dangerous volcanoes like the Mount Rainier.

It doesn’t end here, not the journey, neither the list of other highly recommended, astonishing places that the US offers. There is the Carolina state and then there is New Orleans with its history and magic, great Colorado and the Napa Valley. It’s a whole new world at your disposal, with endless possibilities of traveling and sightseeing.


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