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5 Ways to Make Your Travel Easier for This Year’s Munich Oktoberfest

Attending Oktoberfest in Munich is a truly sensational experience. Millions of people come together every year to celebrate their love of beer and pay homage to the Bavarian culture. Most people love attending the event so much that they come back year after year. However, those who will be participating in Oktoberfest for the first time this year will have to navigate their way through uncharted territory.

Oktoberfest is like no other event which means you’re going to need some advice on how best to prepare for the celebrations. From purchasing your traditional Lederhosen for sale for the first time to travel all the way to Munich for Oktoberfest, it’s all going to be a daunting yet exciting experience. Luckily, we’re here to help guide you through it. So let’s take a look at some of the ways you can make your travel easier for this year’s Munich Oktoberfest.


Pack your Authentic Lederhosen & Dirndl Dress the Right Way

First and foremost, you are going to have to purchase authentic Lederhosen and pack it the right way. Good quality men’s Lederhosen do not come cheap since they are made with genuine leather and are built to last. You can purchase good quality Lederhosen from the shops in the Alpine region of Munich, but traveling to Munich isn’t exactly cheap. That is why genuine leather Lederhosen is also sold online at the Lederhosen Store where you will find Lederhosen for both men and women as well as the traditional German Dirndl Dress.


Once you’ve got your hands on your Lederhosen, it is time to pack it carefully in your luggage. It might seem the Lederhosen is soft and will get damaged easily, yet it was made to endure the daily grueling tasks of men in Old Bavaria. It has retained its ancient characteristic, which is why you can simply fold the Lederhosen and put it into your luggage.

The dirndl dress, however, requires more care because of its fine embroidery and delicate fabric. Since you don’t want it damaged in any way, you can always carry it in your hand luggage. Or put it in a hard-shelled suitcase to protect it from impact against external objects. However, you choose to pack the dirndl dress, be sure to turn the embroidered side of the apron inside to keep it more protected.

Book Your Hotel Room in Advance

Munich gets crowded very quickly in the days of Oktoberfest so you want to have a place to stay. If you’re not staying with a relative or a friend, you are going to have to book a hotel room and the sooner you do it, the better. Hotel room prices start to escalate fairly quickly as September approaches and your entire budget can be upset if you don’t have a prior booking.

Of course, the closer to the Oktoberfest grounds you will book a room, the higher it will cost. But if you do it some weeks before Oktoberfest begins, you will get it at an affordable price and have plenty of money left over to enjoy Oktoberfest beer and food.

Use the Right Travel Option

You will find several ways to travel to Oktoberfest once you are in Munich. From the busses and the trams to the trains, all of the public transport in Munich moves in unison to take visitors to the Oktoberfest grounds. You need to find the travel option that works the best for you. For example, if you are coming in from somewhere in Europe then the long distance and regional trains are the best way to go.

Yet for the local residents, the U-bahn and S-bahn are most convenient because of their affordability and swiftness. Visitors to Munich will find it much easier and cheaper to use public transport than to hire a taxi to get to Oktoberfest.

Know Your Way around the City

Once you are within the city of Munich, it’s time to navigate your way to Oktoberfest. Though it shouldn’t be difficult to find the festival site since there will be thousands of Lederhosen clad people moving towards it throughout the city. Yet, if you are in the mood to explore Munich after you have had your fill of beer, then it pays to know your way.

Using Google Maps services is always quick and efficient, however, you can get a map of the city from the gift shop at the Oktoberfest grounds or at the hotel you are staying. In either case, the city itself has enough direction boards to guide you to any destination.

Keep Cash for Convenience

Oktoberfest is a cash-only event. With thousands of people purchasing beer, food, and merchandise every minute, cash transactions provide the speed for things along smoothly. Even though it’s not easy to carry cash, yet you will find it is much more convenient when you visit Munich for Oktoberfest this year.

These were just some of the ways you can make your travel easier to this year’s Oktoberfest and make this celebration a once in a lifetime experience. 


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