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6 Adventure Travel Hacks You Wish You Knew Earlier

Adventure travel is not for faint-hearted. If you are a person who likes to take risks and want to challenge yourself while pushing yourself to the limits, adventure travel will appeal to you. If you have gone on an adventure trip before then you might be familiar with the hassles it brings.

You can face the flight delays and have to bear the long security lines. Even worse, you might end up losing your luggage especially if you are not careful. Ever wished you know the secrets that professional adventure travel knows and use to overcome these challenges. This article will grant you your wish.

In this article, you will learn about six adventure travel hacks that no one told you before.

  1. Pack In Ski Bag

If you have a ski bag, make the most of it by stuffing it with important items you want to carry with you. If you don’t already have one, try investing in one as it pays off in the long run especially if you are a frequent adventure traveler. Believe it or not, you can pack a coat, pants, helmet, gloves, goggles, base layers, and boots into the ski bags especially if you know how to cram in as many items in a small space.

  1. Take a Soft-Shell Cooler With You

Take things to the next level by carrying a soft-shell cooler. It serves multiple purposes. For one, this offers you additional space to carry more items at the airport. Secondly, it can also function as a cooler when you reach your adventure destination. It seems like an additional accessory, but it is well worth the extra weight and come in handy more often than not.

  1. Snap A Picture

You might have packed everything perfectly and flown for yacht charter Dubai. Now, when you have to do it again to return back home, you are struggling to replicate the same feat. We all have been in similar situations many times. To save yourself from such issues, it is highly recommended that you snap a photo when you have done packing your bags for the first time. Use the same photo as a reference to repeat the process again.

  1. Ship It

Want to carry more items to your next desert safari in Dubai but can’t due to luggage restrictions? Can not afford to wait for hours at airport security? Don’t want to be paying extra for additional luggage? If the answer to all these questions is yes, then you should consider shipping certain items instead of carrying them around. Reduce the load and ship it home. You can easily get a free box from a shop before leaving. Even if you can not ship it, you can purchase the same item from your adventure travel destination you are traveling to which means that there is no point in carrying a lot of luggage in the first place and adding to the hassle and cost of your adventure travel.

  1. Bring Only What You Really Need

As a person who loves adventure, it is not difficult for you to tell when something is missing from your gear. In fact, you can tell it by touching your body. Consider using a packable contact point like a bike seat, ski boots, snowboard bindings. You can easily save space by packing some items while leaving the big gear equipment behind. Try out certain gears and rent other parts of the gear you don’t need anymore to reduce the clutter and minimize the number of items you carry around on your adventure trips.

  1. Donate Your Gear When You Are Done

You might have enjoyed a great adventure trip while others can not because they can not afford expensive gear items needed for such activity. Give away and distribute gear items among people who love to go on an adventure trip but can not due to lack of this equipment. As they say, you should always give something back to the community. This will not only help you save money on checked bag fees but will also satisfy your internal that you have done your bit for the people and community who share the same interest as you do. Whether you are going on hiking, climbing mountains, cycling or backpacking, consider this tip to make everyone happy.

Which is the best adventure travel hack you have ever used? Feel free to share it with us in the comments section below.

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