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6 Breathtakingly Beautiful Places to Visit in Nubra Valley for a Historic Trip!

Laying on the Silk Route and watered by two stunning rivers, Nubra Valley is among the most beautiful places in the world. There are some truly amazing places to visit in Nubra Valley that will leave you speechless! Not so easy to reach, Nubra Valley is a hidden gem in the state of Jammu and Kashmir in India. This spectacular high-altitude cold desert is among the most offbeat travel destinations in India for adventure enthusiasts to explore. There are several things to do and stunning places to visit in Nubra Valley for travelers who dare to venture into this remarkable region. For a better idea of what to expect on a trip, take a close look at the Nubra Valley attractions listed below.

Top Places and Tourist Attractions in Nubra Valley:


The remote Nubra Valley is among the places in India that deserve more travelers. However, it is not one that can be visited impromptu on last-minute flights without any planning. Take the time to plan a detailed trip so that you can enjoy exploring the awesome places to visit in Nubra Valley at leisure.

  1. Panamik Village

Located on the banks of the stunning Nubra or Siachen River, Panamik Village is a scenic, quaint little place famous for its hot springs. It’s also famous for double-humped Bactrian camels and Pashmina goats. The views of snow-capped peaks with the sun above them are stunning, to say the least. Also, shopping in Nubra Valley’s Panamik Village is incredibly fun. You can buy Pashmina shawls, apples, Kashmiri carpets, walnuts, woolens, and exquisite artifacts.

  1. Diskit Monastery

Among the largest and oldest monasteries in the region, the Diskit Monastery belongs to a distinct Tibetan Buddhist sect. It’s among the most beautiful tourist attractions in Nubra Valley and a must-visit for history-cum-architecture enthusiasts. Hundur Monastery and Lachung Temple are awesome places to visit in Nubra Valley. Stunningly built, these remarkable places will leave you awe-struck.

  1. Maitreya Buddha

One of the top things to do in Nubra Valley is to visit and gape at the marvelous Maitreya Buddha statue. 32 meters high, the statue is located near Diskit Monastery and faces the pristine Shyok River. One of the top places to visit in Nubra Valley and a recent installation, the statue was built using 8 kgs of gold donated by the Gompa head. Reportedly, the Maitreya Buddha statue was built to protect the region from wars as well as to champion world peace.

  1. Bactrian Camel Safari

The lush Nubra Valley sand dunes are best explored via Bactrian Camel Safaris. These are not the kind of camels you find in the hot desert state of Rajasthan. They are double-humped camels that played a key role while traveling the challenging Silk Route. You can take a Bactrian Camel Safari from Hunder all the way to Turtuk. Exploring the sand dunes this way is among the top things to do in Nubra Valley.

  1. Yarab Tso, Sumur

One of the most beautiful places to visit in Nubra Valley, the gorgeous Yarab Tso Lake is also among the region’s best-kept secrets. Set amidst rough, rocky surroundings, the lake can be reached only after a 20-minute uphill hike. With crystal clear waters and a tranquil ambiance, it’s among the most peaceful tourist attractions in Nubra Valley. It’s also considered one of the holiest lakes and, thereby, you are advised not to swim or even wash your feet in its waters.

  1. Samstanling Monastery

Founded more than a century ago by Lama Tsultim Nima, Samstanling Monastery is the main one in the region and is home to over 50 monks. Among the best places to visit in Nubra Valley, the way to and around the monastery is replete with lush red-yellow trees, golden mountains, berry bushes, and colorful prayer flags. The monastery is filled with Buddhist paintings, murals, and other vital aspects of Buddhism.

Best Time to Visit Nubra Valley:

The ideal and best time to visit Nubra Valley is during the summer when the skies are clear and the weather at its pleasant best. Monsoons must be avoided at all costs as there are torrential rains and a high risk of landslides. You can book business class flights for a trip during winter only if you can handle extremely cold temperatures.

How to Reach Nubra Valley:

Trains reach only up to 600 km away from Nubra Valley owing to its high altitude and uneven landscape. Thereby, roadways are the only way to reach and explore the best places to visit in Nubra Valley. Buses, taxis, and hired cabs ply regularly between Nubra and popular destinations like Srinagar and Tawi among others. International travelers booking flight tickets to India for a trip to Nubra will need to travel to major cities like Delhi, or Kolkata, Mumbai first. From here, you can board flights to Leh Airport, the nearest one to Nubra. From the airport, you can take a bus, taxi, or hire a car to reach Nubra Valley.


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