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6 Fascinating cities you can not miss

6 Fascinating cities you can not miss

First topic when looking for a destination to travel: take a globe, make it spin and choose, at random, a destination. More typical of a movie than anything else, it’s true. However, if you are looking for advice on choosing a new destination for this holiday, take a look at the countries for more adventurers and choose among the most fascinating cities.   What are you waiting for?

Adventure in Latin America

Arequipa , in the south of Peru, with an average of 22ºC maximum temperature and a minimum of 9ºC, is one of the most desired destinations, and more in these days of almost suffocating heat. Apart from being a more than desirable destination for those who want to get away, as much as possible, from the heat, Arequipa keeps endless surprises for travelers who have more desire for adventure and activity. It is a city for lovers of mountaineering and trekking, having in its landscape snowy areas, volcanoes and deep canyons like the Cotahuasi and the Colca. All this without forgetting the Ampato snow peak, of 6.228 meters of altitude.

However, betting on Arequipa when planning a vacation is also betting on sightseeing tours within the city and a rich cuisine where dishes such as adobo Arequipeño or chupe de camarones stand out. The best date to visit? Any time of the year is valid. Our recommendation? August, to be able to witness the celebration of the anniversary of the city of Arequipa. To be exact, on the 15th, a corso de la Amistad goes through the city.

Contrasts every three steps

Another of the coolest destinations and that is triumphing, increasingly, among the most adventurous travelers is Addis Ababa , whose name means ‘New Flower’. Tourism to the African country grows exponentially every year thanks to its attractiveness based on contrasts and is that traveling to Africa means enjoying the tranquility of the most desert areas and the activity of large cities.

Although Addis Ababa is a relatively new city, with some 100 years old, it is of great importance within the African continent, hosting the main Pan-African institutions such as the Organization of African Unity or the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa. .

Best plans? Trastear by the city, trying to move away of the most commercial streets that copy the European model and opt for the Cathedral of the Trinidad, the Africa Hall and Anwar Mesgid, the great mosque of the city.

Nicaraguan University City

Only 93 kilometers separate León from Managua, the capital of Nicaragua. León , with almost 500 years of history and known as the University City, is a destination where we can find a lot of culture and tradition, especially religious.

Thus, it is a very popular destination for its route of the churches. This route consists of a tour around the different churches of the city where you can appreciate the different influences of these. Thus, we find churches with designs from the Baroque period to the Neoclassical period. The most attractive? The church of El Calvario, built in the first half of the 18th century and that of Guadalupe, built at the end of the 19th century.

If you are a lover of literature, do not miss visiting the Rubén Darío House Museum and its beautiful garden.

The Asian Venice

Many are the towns near Shanghai that are known as ‘The Venice of China’ but Zhouzhuang , located a couple of hours away from Shanghai, is the oldest water village. In fact, its history dates back to the eleventh century and part of its charm also lies in the medieval character of the town.

Due to its own geography, its 14 stone bridges attract attention, through which crossing becomes an obligation. The most famous are known as ‘twin bridges’: Shide and Yongan, built at the end of the sixteenth century, which are almost united in the northeast area of ​​the town. Something forced to do: a walk in one of the barges that cross the channels.

However, the only beauty of Zhouzhuang is not the canals and, during the sightseeing, you can take advantage of some traditional Chinese houses, such as the Shen house and the Zhang house, as well as the Taoist temple of Chengxu, which dates back to the 11th century. .

Ideal for weekends

We take the plane and, after more than 12 hours of travel from Shanghai, we return to Europe. We leave behind the most traditional cities and we enter the busy cities with a more western character. We have arrived in Belgrade, in Serbia.

The ‘White City’, following the literal translation of Belgrade , is located at the confluence of the Danube and Sava rivers and, although it does not have the cultural richness of other European cities, there is always something to see and do. For example, you can visit the Old Royal Palace, former residence of the kings of Serbia and current headquarters of the City Council; and the New Palace, seat of the President of Serbia; the National Assembly of Serbia; the Cathedral of the Archangel San Miguel, completed in 1840 and with a clear Serbian neoclassical style; or the church of San Sava.

The tribute made city

Leaving aside the complicated war history that splashes the city, Nagasaki , on the west coast of Kyushu, has been for centuries an important port and center of trade with foreign countries. In addition, it is a city with a marked influence of miscegenation between Western and Eastern culture, as well as being surrounded by a particularly striking nature.

However, if you are looking for a more historical visit, it is mandatory to visit the Peace Park, presided over by a 10-ton bronze statue of La Paz, designed by Kitamura Seibo in 1955 or the Fountain of Peace in the shape of a dove. You can walk to the Epicenter Park of the atomic bomb, which reminds the cathedral that was in this place. If you want to get away, go up by cable car to Mount Inasa, visit the museum and monument to the 26 martyrs of Japan or the church of San Felipe, a Gaudí-style church.

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