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6 Staycation Activities During the Rainy Season

There’s nothing like staying in during a rainy day especially if you are staying at hotels in Alabang. Although it can be a bummer for some who would rather prefer to do outdoor activities, staycation activities during the rainy season can be a fun experience too. Not only this but you can bond with your family over shared interests. Gearing up for a staycation at a hotel in Alabang? Then try these staycation activity ideas!


Exciting Game Night

Whether you are a board game or a video game enthusiast, you should consider making this a staycation activity during the rainy season. Not only will you bring out the competitive spirit of your family and friends, but you can also have fun while seeing them bring out the inner kid in them. Start a game of Twister or Monopoly if you would like to make this night a success. If you prefer the digital side of things, an intense game for the PlayStation or XBox should do the trick. Do not let the rain dampen your mood with these fun games and you are sure to have the best staycation ever.


All-Day Karaoke

Bond over a mutual love for music by belting out your favorite tunes! You can be sure that once everyone gets over the shy feeling of singing in front of the audience, they will all chase after the chance to sing into that mic. For an additional flair to your karaoke day, you can opt to follow a specific theme for the songs that people are going to sing. If it is Halloween season, then choose scary songs or Christmas tunes for the Holidays!


Relaxing Spa Date

Melt all your stress away by visiting the spa and enjoy its offer of zen and relaxation. The pouring rain outside will not affect your spa date in any way so you should take advantage of this opportunity. Have a deep tissue massage or spend time at the sauna. Be prepared for a relaxing day for this rainy day staycation activity.


Organize a Personal Film Festival

Bring classic films or the latest flicks that are making the rounds on the airwaves. This will be a great way to catch up on many different stories courtesy of your favorite movies. Not only that but you can also tailor your movie picks according to what your family and friends want. Have a blast as you laugh, cry, or get hyped about an action film.


Amplified Sweetness with Dessert Night

Enjoying your staycation is surely a sweet experience but you can make it even sweeter by having a dessert night with the people in your life. If the rain is preventing you to go outside and have fun, this would be a great alternative. Have no limits, bring anything your heart desires which includes cakes, candies, chocolates, and more!


Take a Dip at the Hotel Pool

The perks of staying at a hotel are the features and amenities that you can make the most out of. This includes the hotel pool which can give you a refreshing experience. What’s even better is if the hotel has a jacuzzi which you can use to stay warm even when the rainy season continues on.


Key Takeaway

These are some of the staycation ideas that you can incorporate into your scheduled activities at a hotel. Keep in mind that these activities are best enjoyed with family and friends. Have fun on your next staycation!

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