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7 Cheap Holiday Destinations to Go To This Summer

Finding cheap holiday destinations with a fabulous view, recreation opportunities and relaxing environment is quite a challenge. One of the common misconceptions is that a good holiday is never cheap because when we think of holidays we think of places like France, Dubai, Switzerland or turkey. This is because we want to spend our holidays where most people spend their holidays. The mainstream holiday destinations are not only overly crowded but during holiday seasons it is quite difficult to find suitable accommodation. However, there are cheap holiday destinations that are far beautiful and economical than the mainstream holiday destinations. Another misconception is that buying a cheap air ticket means that the vacation will be cheap. It is important to know that currency exchange rates, accommodation and food prices equally matter when considering a holiday destination. In case, you are still trying to figure out the cheap holidays destinations, we are here to help. Here are some cheap holiday destination options that you must visit this summer.

Cheap Holidays in Bali

If you are looking for a long, relaxing getaway, Bali is a must place to visit for you. A heaven for the caffeine lover, the place has to offer more than just a relaxing holiday. Get yourself a bike or use bluebird taxi service to roam around the city, both are extremely cheap. The locals realise how beautiful their culture and traditions are, so they like to show it to other people too. This is the reason citizens in most of the countries do not require a visa for 30 days whereas, other require a visa on arrival which is quite inexpensive. Moreover, the food and accommodation are economical and easily available in fact, everything in Bali is affordable due to low exchange rates. On converting your currency, you might feel like a millionaire, however, it is recommended to use cash rather than relying on the card.

Sofia, Bulgaria

If you want to travel to Europe, Bulgaria is the cheapest among all the European countries. Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria has a hint of everything, with a rich history and modern multicultural population, the city offers some of the best quality and flavourful food at an extremely economical price. The city is full of beautiful historic churches famous for their exterior onion shaped dooms and extremely colourful glass interior. Most of the hotels are quite affordable with complimentary Wi-Fi, breakfast and drinks.

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town offers the best view, best recreation options and yet it is quite affordable. Most of the movies are shot in Cape Town because travelling with a huge crew is quite expensive. By shooting most of the movies in Cape Town, the production companies save a lot of money, for a single individual it is truly a heaven. The food, accommodation travel and shopping are extremely economical and the view is too good to be true. The place offers it all, from some of the most adventurous sports experiences including snorkelling, surfing, kayaking and fat biking on the beach. Moreover, shopping in Cape Town is very economical, you can buy souvenirs for your family and friends, eat good food, enjoy, relax and still have enough money for fun activities.

Siri Lanka

If you really want to enjoy the cheap holidays, Siri Lanka is the place to visits. The place has something to offer throughout the year, so you are in for a treat depending on the month you are visiting in. The country is so rich in culture, history and beauty that every place looks like a postcard picture. The places include some of the most beautiful temples, museums, beaches, caves. It has now become a dream holiday destination for someone stuck in an urban lifestyle. The natural beauty and wildlife are in abundance and it is paradise for animal lovers, this place homes some of the rarest species of elephants, turtles and crabs. Moreover, the food, accommodation and shopping are quite affordable whereas, most people travel via train which is quite addicting once you get a hang of it.

Hoi An, Vietnam

If your dream holiday includes food, view and a peaceful place to stay, Hoi An is the place to go. The place is rich in flavours and that’s exactly what the locals are proud of, they even offer cooking classes for the tourists. The food, accommodation and travel expenses are quite affordable. Cars and motorcycles are banned from the main city area, which means you can enjoy fresh air and peaceful atmosphere without any pollution. If you like swimming, sunbathing and diving while enjoying a cool beer on a beach, Hoi An is the dream destination for your next holiday.

Mombasa, Kenya

Away from all the pollution and heat, Kenya has something that can count as the best cheap holiday destination that most people should visit. Mombasa may not be the regular choice for most of the tourist but this is because in the river of expensive holiday plans and mainstream holiday destinations Mombasa does not fit the expectations of regular tourists looking for night clubs, food and seven stars accommodations. The house of exotic food, beaches and historic tourist attractions, Mombasa is an ultimate vacation destination for everyone who is on budget. With its exotic combination of Europe, Africa and Arab, the place has proudly displayed this multicultural diversity in their food and clothing. Moreover, if you like to shop, the place offers everything at an extremely reasonable price.

Budapest, Hungry

If your vacation style is a little urban, Budapest is the best place for you. Beautiful skyline, best cuisine, and beautiful architecture that has the ability to convince you to become an architect. With its beautiful scenery and luxurious nightlife, the place has the ability to evoke the soulful artists and party animal in all of us. Where the world is going left, you know exactly where Budapest is going, they don’t go by the norms. The place is equally Instagram worthy and fun to visit, filled with historic building, beautiful lifestyle and quality food within your budget.


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