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8 Most Visited Monuments in USA


Visiting monuments does not have to be on the to-do list of middle-school students only; it can offer an educational experience for tourists too. The USA boasts of some of the most famous monuments the world over and these larger-than-life buildings and statues have become iconic over the years. Some of them stand for landmark historical events while some are spectacular displays of architectural skills.

You should find the latest Viator coupon when you want to plan a holiday in the US during the next holiday season. You can include a visit to some of these breathtaking monuments in your itinerary even if you are not a big fan of history or architecture. They are worth a visit simply for the grandeur and elegance they exude.

8 Most Popular Monuments to visit in the US:

  1. Lincoln Memorial, Washington DC: 

    Washington DCThis is one of the most-visited monuments in the country, and people come in huge numbers every year to witness Abraham Lincoln’s iconic statue here. The 19-foot high structure is an amazing work of art and is situated in a neoclassic temple resembling The Parthenon. This place is also etched in history for Dr. Martin Luther King’s iconic “I Have a Dream” speech.

  2. Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Washington DC:

    Vietnam VeteransThis poignant monument looks rather simple with two walls made of black granite and constructed in a V-shape. These walls have engraved names of the men and women who sacrificed their lives in the longest war in the country which finally ended in 1975.

  3.  World War II Memorial, Washington DC:

    War II This war memorial built to commemorate the Second World War is relatively new, opened in 2004. It has 56 granite pillars, 17 feet in height and surrounding a plaza and Rainbow Pool. The panels show scenes from the war, such as D-Day, Pearl Harbor, and Rosie, the Riveter.

  4. Statue of Liberty, New York/New Jersey:

    Liberty, New YorkThere is perhaps no other monument in the US which conveys the theology of an American nation better than this one. It continues to remain a symbol of hope for immigrants traveling to this country as they take a ferry to the Ellis Island.  The statue, erected in 1886, is 152 feet in height and was gifted by France to honor the ideals of freedom.

  5. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, Washington DC:

    Luther King JrThis controversial monument came about in 2011 and is established on 4 acres of land, enclosed by cherry trees. Dr. King’s statue also symbolizes hope and it stands in between two large background structures representing “Mountain of Despair”.

  6. Independence National Historical Park, Philadelphia:

    Historical ParkThe Liberty Bell weighing 2000 pounds had been commissioned for the Penn State House in 1751. It was recast and hung in the Independence Hall in 1776 to proclaim liberty following the announcement of the Declaration of Independence. Now, you can see it in a glass gazebo.

  7. Korean War Veterans Memorial, Washington DC:

    Korean War The Korean War is often called the “Forgotten War” but this monument still gets visitors from veterans and their families every year. Inaugurated in 1995, this memorial is for honoring those who had fought the war from 1950-1953. It has a 164-foot long granite wall that depicts those like chaplains, nurses, gunners, and airmen who had gone to war.

  8. Thomas Jefferson Memorial, Washington DC:

    Thomas JeffersonThis structure designed by John Pope draws inspiration from the Pantheon in Rome and is a 19-foot bronze statue in honor of Thomas Jefferson who had served as Secretary of State for George Washington and authored the Declaration of Independence. The monument reflects the neoclassical architecture and is surrounded by water. It is situated on the Tidal Basin, which is a huge expanse of water encircled by cherry blossom trees.

These monuments are only some of the most popular tourist destinations and there are more than you can feast on. To get the best deals to the US to experience these structures first hand, you must acquire coupons from Don’tPayAll.


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