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A Shopaholic’s Guide to the Best Shopping Destinations in the World

A Shopaholic’s Guide to the Best Shopping Destinations in the World

In today’s era, online shopping is everywhere. With the increasing trend of ecommerce shopping, brands keep attracting customers online. However, a shopaholic can understand the difference between finding the best shopping stores on one website and buying it physically from their outlets.

You may be a fan of e-stores, but the chance to walk-in your favourite brand is non-negotiable. Therefore, if you understand the feeling of wandering around a shopping centre or mall, this blog is for you.

The Best Shopping Destinations in the World

I am passionate about shopping and so; I travel! Yes! The best way to buy your shopping list is to visit the best shopping destinations in the world. Take a look at the topmost cities you can visit on this planet as a shopaholic.

New York

The options are countless when you are shopping in New York. This mesmerizing city is popular for the best department stores worldwide. It provides fashionistas with the opportunity to visit a never-ending number of boutiques whenever they want.

Interestingly, the easiest way to visit around shopping malls here is to use public transport. Subways and buses can be your best bet to drop yourself at different shopping stores and make the most of your money.


Every shopaholic knows London ranks on top of the best shopping destinations in the world. It happens to match every budget and style dramatically. In this marvellous city, you can find high streets displaying fantastic shopping stores that retail everything from top fashion labels to the latest jewellery.

People roam around the markets laden with attractive stalls to buy artwork and accessories. For exploring this city’s shopping nature, tube is the best option for travellers. However, if you are planning to travel through public transport, make sure to purchase a travel card from an underground station.


No matter where you travel on the planet, Tokyo will always remain a fast-forward city to buy everything a shopaholic wants. This shopping destination proffers high-end electronics and cheerful enemy in the best rates. You can pack your bags with traditional handcrafts and latest fashion with little effort.

I always prefer this location for its picturesque sites that enhance your mood while shopping. Keep in mind, Tokyo is a crowded city when it comes to roaming around. Therefore, expect traffic and avoid taxis, as they are extremely pricey. If you wish to enjoy every minute of shopping, commute through buses, trains, and subways.


Most of the shopping lovers consider Paris as the fashion capital worldwide. It will always remain a shopaholic’s dream destination. From buying magazine brands like Chanel, Christian Dior, and Louis Vuitton to enjoying the fantastic boutique windows, everything seems a trance here.

While this city is easy and fast when it comes to travelling, take advantage of the metro and roam here. Interestingly, this outstanding capital owns a huge number of stations. Henceforth, you will always find a nearby stop when shopping here. Undoubtedly, it will remain one of the best shopping destinations in the world.


Shopping in Marrakesh is like partying. The sights, smells, and sounds that drive you crazy are impossible to ignore. Here, each market is further divided into sections and highlight speciality of a place. You can buy handmade carpets, delicate fabrics, and vibrant clothes easily.

This beautiful city is full of yummy cooked snails and aromatic spices. If you are really looking to explore the souks here, walking is your best option. Nevertheless, it is a big place and you can get lost here easily. Therefore, keep roaming or ask a shop owner for finding a way out.


Keep in mind, Dubai will always remind you of the best shopping destinations in the world. It offers fantasy and a countless number of attractions to every visitor. You can buy from a variety of places and fill your shopping bags with designer clothes and high-tech electronics.

When I travel with family, Dubai is all about entertainment and shopping. Here, you can easily find highly protected car parks and hence private cars the optimum option to explore this city. Nevertheless, if you are just travelling, hop onto the buses here and reach the nearest stop to one of these malls.

The Takeaway

The best shopping destinations in the world include New York, London, Tokyo, Paris, Los Angeles, Marrakesh, Hong Kong, Sydney, Milan, Dubai, and a lot more. You can buy from these cities and satisfy your shopping needs.

Do you know the best part about shopping from different cities in the world? You get a chance to explore attractions in multiple locations. Travelling for shopping will always be an exciting journey.

If you are a traveller who keeps packing their bags only to spend more money, then share your favourite shopping destinations in the comments below!

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