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What are the Advantages and the Disadvantages of Giving Regular Assignments Students?

What are the Advantages and the Disadvantages of Giving Regular Assignments to Students img

Like all other things in the world, regular homework assignment also has its benefits and drawbacks for the  Assignments students . A brief description of both is provided in the text.

Anyone who has been a student in any type of educational system would understand the ordeal of doing assignments and homework. It can be one of the most burdensome jobs in the entire world. Students mostly consider them boring and time-consuming.

However, since time immemorial homework and assignments have been an essential component of the education process. Although there has been tremendous evolution and advancement in the field of studying through technology and internet, assignments and homework are still given the same level of importance.

Whether you are studying in a brick and mortar school or in an online virtual institution, assignments are given a significant percentage in the marking of the final grade.

These assignments are a method of assessing the student’s understanding of the topic or subject that is being taught. It also helps the teacher to evaluate the student on various skills and abilities like analytic thinking, critical reasoning, memory strength, writing skills and many more. It also gauges the teacher’s ability to teach effectively and convey the given information in an efficient manner.

The regular homework assignment writing service is considered to be a good way for imparting knowledge to the students in the formal learning process. It is a way of revising and evaluating the classroom work as well.

Like all other things in this world, homework and assignments also have their good and bad aspects. The following text will highlight some of the advantages as well as the disadvantages of assigning regular homework and learning tasks to the students in a course.

Advantages of giving regular assignments to students:


  • With regular homework and assignments, students enhance their comprehension of the given subject. They get to understand the concepts in an effective manner and learn about their practical application as well.
  • Some students in the class are less efficient in learning than others. Such slow students need extra time to comprehend the content. When they attempt assignments at home as well, they get a better understanding of the provided information and material.
  • Regular home assignments are a great way to carry out a revision of the content studied in class.
  • When students are assign work for home, they are encouraged to make an extra effort for the collection of additional information on a given topic. They use various reference materials and resources to enhance their existing knowledge base.
  • With regular assignments and home tasks, students maintain a study routine in their free time as well. These assignments help them get ready for any type of examinations and spot tests in class.
  • When the assignments are given in teams and groups, students get to learn new things with teammates. They also learn to work in teams and create a coordinated synergy of skills and efforts.

Disadvantages of giving regular assignments to students:


  • These days student life has become very busy and hectic. With so many social and peer pressures, managing time for studying and working is becoming difficult. When students are given regular assignments with deadlines and completion dates, it becomes very hard to manage their time. Homework consumes most of their free time.
  • With so many subjects and courses to cover, too many assignments can reduce the time given to each subject. Students find it difficult to manage the study workload and complete their syllabi in the given time period.
  • When a student has many assignments and home tasks in his hand, it is difficult to find time for any other extra-curricular activity like sports, games and socializing.
  • When students are busy studying and completing assignments all the time, their other skills and personality development process is suppressed.
  • Regular assignments and homework can increase the stress levels in the students. Meeting deadlines, submitting reports and losing on grades can lead to an anxious mind and body. Resting is also compromised as a result of this homework.

These were some of the benefits and drawbacks of giving regular assignments in class and home. It has been proven scientifically through research and studies, that studying at home after school for a specified amount of time is very effective in the learning process. Therefore, regular assignments should be given to students at all levels.

Teachers and education experts should ensure that the homework given is interesting and creative. It should not become burdensome and boring for the students. Depending on the level of study and time required, assignments should be drafted in accordance with the student’s intellect and ability to manage time efficiently.


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