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Grow Your Business

Be Your Own Boss: Grow Your Business To New Heights

Scaling Your Business

Scaling Your Business

It’s a fact that scaling your business is hard. Venturing into this terrain requires considerable effort and an infinite source of motivation. But beyond the odds, lies the allure of success. A successful business gives you the freedom to take decisions and be your own boss. The benefits of being self-employed are enormous and in today’s digital world, businesses are powered by technology, which reduces human efforts.



A successful entrepreneur gets rid of the 9-to-6 job, which was simply paying him a pittance. The more your business expands, the more the profit you attain. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about any time restrictions – work anytime, anywhere. To add to the charm of being an entrepreneur comes freedom. Yes, a sense of freedom to choose your team, freedom to direct the operations and the freedom to decide your own destiny!

To achieve these sought-after feats of life, one is required to take the bold decision and kick-start his business idea. The long path to growing a successful business is not very tough to traverse if you know the hurdles that you’re likely to face and the best approaches to tackle them.

The Famous Barber

Dr. Justin Hueston, aka, “The Famous Barber”, has decided to share the business acumen and knowledge, which he has attained throughout his life, via his new Kindle book, ‘Business Behind The Chair’. The book is the 1st edition of the series “The Basics”, and is aimed to guide budding entrepreneurs on how to grow their personal clientele and build relationships in order to skyrocket their sales in any business domain and especially for individuals aspiring to build their clientele in the beauty industry.

Dr. Justin

Dr. Justin is a licensed cosmetologist and trichologist who owns two barbershops by the name, “Icon Barber Company” and a hair restoration clinic named, “The Scalp Lab”, in Ventura County, California. Apart from being a business owner, Dr. Justin is a motivational speaker, author, and a renowned realtor. With his in-depth knowledge of multi-domain businesses and a knack for success, Dr. Justin has devised five extraordinary guides to attain infinite clientele for your business. These guides are tried and tested by himself and by achievers guided by him, all over the globe.

The five Guides 

The five guides are composed of the fundamentals of building a solid foundation for your business, which are never taught in any barbering or beauty schools. Dr. Justin figured out these fundamentals himself with his experience of toiling hard as an entrepreneur. He is sharing these fundamentals and his superlative approach to managing a business through the book, Business Behind The Chair.

Dr. Justin Hueston shares his secrets on how to grow and expand business by hosting seminars for the group, “Building Better Barbers”. Many professionals and students who attend the seminars can vouch for his credentials as a great business mentor. These secrets and guides are thoroughly compiled in his new book Business Behind The Chair so that any aspiring entrepreneur, sitting anywhere in the world, can access them and reach new heights in his barber or other business.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab this 5-star rated kindle book from Amazon and grow your clientele with its time tested guides and tips. Dr. Justin is himself unveiling the secrets of his success so that everyone can lead a successful business.

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