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Belt rules

Belt rules that one should be aware of

Anyone well aware of the fashion trends can testify over the importance of belts. Belts can literally make or break your outfit.

So, it is essential to know a set of rules before and after buying a belt. Let’s analyze them one by one.


A belt once fastened, must have a few inches of leather to the left of the buckle. But, an overly long belt tail also looks awkward.

Hence, you must decide on the proper length of the belt as per your waist size. It is always a good idea to get a trial of the belt before purchasing.

Buckle Type

The next important milestone is to close in on the buckle type. Belts come in numerous types of buckles. The general rule of thumb regarding buckles is the bigger your belt’s buckle, the less formal it is.

Some of the different types of buckles are frame style, plate style, box framed, snap type, etc. Furthermore. the metal piece on your shoes or loafers must match the buckle color.

At Leather Pavillion, we offer a wide gamut of belts to choose from. The buckles are made of pure metal and are highly durable. Buckles are textured in order to give them a unique look.

Belt Color

Belt color is yet another essential feature of your belt. Always remember that your belt color should compliment your attire color. For example, brown leather shoes go well with a brown leather belt. Same is the case with black color.

Furthermore, glossy belts can be paired with highly-polished shoes. Similarly, if you are wearing matte shoes, compliment them with matte belts. Taking care of such small details will give you an impressive and stunning look.

Leather Pavillion is here to help you find the right belt for you. You get to choose from a wide variety of colors and textures.


For corporate and other formal occasions, you should stick to the classic square framed buckle having a single prong. As aforementioned, the bigger your buckle is, the more informal is the belt. Hence avoid wearing big buckle belts with your suit.

For casual occasions, you have the liberty to choose from a variety of colors and buckle types. Just make sure that your belt suits your shoes and dress.

For parties, you can choose leather polo belts, floral belts, studded belts or even cowboy belts.

Leather Pavillion is always here to take care of your love for belts. Just name the party belt you require, and we will have it for you!


Leather belts are usually sleek and smoothly refined for formal occasions. Yet, it’s necessary to appreciate and include in your collection, belts of different textures. It helps add a unique dimension to your look, especially for casual attire.

Textured belts come in a variety of hues to brighten up your look. A good example of it is the exclusive Argentinian leather polo belt available only at Leather Pavillion. It enables a classic and versatile look for the wearer.

Keeping these simple rules in mind will surely help you find the right belt.

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