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Best Guide To Choose The Backpack Carried By Hikers

Those who practice trekking know the difficulty of choosing the perfect backpack. There are so many brands, models, adjustment options and features that must be taken into account that it is difficult to define which one is right for you. Thinking about it, we decided to make this post, to  help you choose your ideal backpack for trekking and best Backpack carried by Hikers and present the best brands on the market today. 

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Step by step to find your ideal backpack

The backpacking trekking, also known as freighter, is designed to withstand the stride. This Top Rated Hiking Backpack Under 100 is usually full of details that are thought milli metrically so that the user has greater performance and comfort during the walk. But the big question you should be asking yourself is: which one do I choose? See below for our top tips to guide you in this challenge.

Size: P, M, or G

Messa the size of your back! There are lot of Best Hiking Backpacks on the market, backpacks that are adjustable and others that are manufactured with certain sizes. It is important that the backpack conforms to the size of your torso so that it is comfortable. You can go to some shop specializing in products for hiking and mountain and measure the size of your back. Even if you do not buy from this store, your measurements will already be saved.

Capacity / liter

This will depend on the goal of each. The size should be chosen according to the duration of the trekking and the amount of things that need to be loaded. Ideally, all equipment should fit inside the backpack and do not have to be hung from the outside, which could disrupt the walk by grabbing the branches and tapping the legs. Below we list the ideal litter for each trekking.

  • 1-day course without camp: 20 to 30 liters;
  • Trekking 2 to 3 days with camp: 40 to 50 liters
  • Trekking from 4 to 5 days with camp: 50 to 60 liters
  • Trekking 6 to 7 days with camp: 60 to 75 liters
  • Long Expeditions with camp: over 75 liters


The lighter the better! It is important to think that the backpack will be used to store all necessary objects such as food, first aid kit, canteen, flashlight and other accessories. Therefore, the empty backpack should be lightweight. The weight of the walk items will be enough on your back, right?

On the other hand, this should not exclude the comfort and extremely important items of finish and resistance of the Hiker’s Backpack with comfort.


To store all the necessary objects for trekking, a waterproof backpack is essential. Give preference to backpacks that offer Dry System in the parts in contact with the body, so that the sweat is absorbed. Be aware of attachments such as seams and zippers. They need to be positioned to favor you. Also, look for models that already come with a protective bag in case of rain. If there is not, it is worth investing in one to avoid perrengue in a storm.

Suspension / comfort

The items below are key to your comfort along the trails. Check:

  • if the handle is padded,
  • if you have back support,
  • if you have a torso adjustment system, which is nothing more than the belly loop where you attach a base at the waist and chest to divide the weight.


It is important that your model has height, width and handle adjusters. A carriage without adjustments will hardly be comfortable. The regulation system allows the backpack to fit perfectly to anybody’s body and that makes all the difference!

Armature and backrest

The frame is the skeleton of your backpack. She needs to ensure a good back posture. In addition, the backrest needs to be breathable and allow comfort to the back, which are the body part directly attached to the Best Hiking Backpack in Budget of 100 all the time.


This is an indispensable item, so the more the merrier! For long walks, you’ll get plenty of stuff. Pay attention to the side pockets and the cover pocket. These are the pockets you will most have access to during the walk. In fact, some models allow the cover pocket to be used as a mini attack backpack. This can be very useful in long expeditions.

Another item that deserves attention are the pockets in the bellies. Make sure that this pocket fits your cell phone, pocket knife or other item that you always want to leave handy.

Value / Cost

A good freighter can not cost too much cheap cost and you may be looking for something more in mind. But it is very important to think that this is an investment that will last for at least 10 years. My father, for example, has had his backpack for 20 years and uses it at least 3 times a year to do long, mountain-camping trails.

Extra tips: taking care of your backpack

Now that you’ve chosen the right backpack for your trekking, you need to know how to take good care of it. A great tip is to always keep it covered with rain cover or other protective material, even if it is not raining. Do you agree that it is easier (and cheaper) to change the cover than to have to buy another backpack? So, in any case of damages that may occur during the trip, be aware to repair.

Clean your backpack as soon as something is poured into it. In case of tears, try to patch as soon as possible; so you prevent him from increasing during the ride and undoing your backpack completely. Another important tip is to always pick up and use the backpack through both straps at the same time. Then nothing to walk with the backpack on one shoulder alone. Avoid overloading it on one side so there is no disruption.

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