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Birthday Celebration Ideas with Your Friends

What’s more special than celebrating your birthday with your friend! It’s a bit different from celebrating it with your family, but no matter what it is, it’s going to be fun anyway! Whether it’s a weekend getaway at one of the hotels in Alabang, or simply just a night out drinking, whatever birthday celebration you choose will ultimately end up with you and your friends having the time of your lives!

And in the case where you’re not quite sure what to do, here’s a short list of possible birthday celebration ideas that you’ll enjoy!

Your Barkada’s Night In

You don’t have to go all out and celebrate your birthday at fancy restaurants or exciting activities. If you want to save up and just go with a simple get-together, that’s fine, too.

A lot of people find solace in staying indoors and doing things that are more towards, staying relaxed and comfortable, rather than the exciting and energetic. With that being said, try celebrating your birthday at home and do the usual thing you do at home like watching a movie, play board games, or simply just chat together!

It might sound boring to some, but the bonding experience that comes with it is oftentimes a really good deal!

If you want it to be a bit fancier, then you might as well book a stay in a hotel or avail a corporate catering in Manila! Since you’re going for maximum comfort and relaxation, then why not go for a solid hotel room that has comfy beds, large pillows and strong internet connections (that’s somewhat of a requirement nowadays)?

Pamper Birthdays

Though it may be a bit unpopular for most of the boys out there, a day dedicated to getting yourself pampered is probably one of the most relaxing and self-rewarding things that anyone can do, even a group of friends!

Go and treat your whole barkada to a day at the spa, get a massage and stay in the sauna while treasuring every experience with them. You can also go and get a manicure and a pedicure while you’re at it! There’s nothing quite like being pampered on your special day!

Road Trip Bonanza

If staying in isn’t your thing, then one of the better options for you to do is to go and have a road trip with your friends! You don’t need a destination, or a plan to go at it. All you need is a car with a full tank, your friends, and a road trip playlist of the century!

Go and explore places you haven’t gone before, or you could just go to a place where you usually go to. It really depends on where your whole barkada wants to go. Be it to the high hills of Tagaytay, or to the cold reaches of Baguio, or even to the historical Vigan city, any destination is just one car ride away!

Remember: it’s not the destination, but the journey that will truly be remembered!


Key Takeaway

A birthday celebration doesn’t always have to have a cake and people singing for you. It can be as simple as staying inside and chatting with your friends, or as exciting as going on a road trip to the great unknown!

Do something new. Celebrate your birthday in a unique and special way!

Kyra Rodriguez

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