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Book a China Birding Tour: 3 Red Signals to Look for Before Choosing a Travel Agency

“Are you thinking of going for a bird watching spree by booking a Yunnan birding tour package? If yes, then give this article a good read.”

Are you thinking of taking a break from your hectic work schedule and nurture your long lost hobby, bird watching? If yes, then I would say thumbs up! That’s a great idea! Bird watching is an activity that will not only help you get a glimpse of several birds but also, help you get close to nature. Oh, wait! How can I forget to mention about the most vital benefit of bird watching and that is, it will help you rejuvenate your senses and detoxify your mind from the stress caused due to excess work pressure or other personal issues. In case you are thinking that I’m just telling this just to convince you to go on a birding trip, then you are seriously mistaken. A research has been already conducted regarding this and it really proves that birding indeed help people break free from stress. Now you must be wondering, which country would be the best place for birding, right? Well, if you want my suggestion I would say, visit the Yunnan province of China.

The reason why I’m suggesting you visit Yunnan for a China birding tour is because it is ranked first in terms of the total bird species. According to an authentic survey, there are around 1000 bird species of birds in this province which includes 39 endemic species. So, you wouldn’t regret if you pay a visit to Yunnan.

How to Know if a Travel Agency is Not Worth Choosing?

Before you book Yunnan birding tours, you must surely go through this article because here, I’ve mentioned about a few signals that’ll tell you that the travel agency (which you have contacted/visited) is not worth choosing or unreliable. So, just keep reading.

Signal 1: They Can’t Show Client Testimonials

To know about the reputation of a travel agency, the first thing you’ll need to do is ask them to provide client testimonials. If the agency that you have visited or contacted is not being able to show or is unwilling to provide you with testimonials of their previous clients, then that’s the first signal that shows- “This company is not the right one!” So, refrain from choosing that company and move on to the next one.

Signal 2: The Executive is Unable to Answer Your Queries

You are about to splurge a lot of money on buying a birding tour, right? Hence, it is pretty obvious that you’ll have too many doubts or questions to ask before you finally book the package. So, while asking those questions or queries, if you see that the customer executive is not being able to give you proper answers or rather, is giving vague answers then be alert, that’s another signal that’s telling you that there’s something wrong with the company, or its tour packages.

Signal 3: They Don’t Have an In-House Guide(s)

In case the travel agency you have visited/contacted is not having any in-house guides who would go along with the group of birders and guide them throughout the trip, then booking a tour package from them is a big “No-No”. Why? Of course, because you are about to visit a new place/country and you obviously don’t know their language, the routes, the places, the people and their culture, etc. So, never book a tour package that says- “No in-house guides available”.

Now that you know about the signals, hope you’ll be able to choose a reliable travel agency and then buy a package for Yunnan birding tours. And yes, thank me later for this useful article!

Author Bio: Bella Zhang is a professional China birding tour guide who has helped several people recognize endemic birds in China. To know about Yunnan birding tours from her, please follow her articles.

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