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Budapest Travel Guide – Explore Budapest Insider Tips

Budapest, one of Europe’s most vibrant cities, filled with beautiful architecture, lined by enchanting water bodies, a melting pot of cultures and brimming with art and nature, is every traveller’s paradise. The ‘Paris of the East’ is known for being an effortless culmination of eastern and western Europe; it packs a punch and travellers are exposed to oodles of flavour. The culture often leaves tourists mesmerized. There are numerous historical attractions such as Saint Stephen Basilica, Art Nouveau and Hungarian National Museum. This magnificent city also holds world-class cultural events and festivals and is the ‘European Sports Capital’ for 2019. To explore this heavenly place a little more, we have come up with a Budapest travel guide and included the best things to see in Budapest.

  1. Soak yourself in hot springs

Relaxing in hot spring waters is one of the best things to do in Budapest. The city is known for its abundant hot springs. The two famous ones are called Széchenyi Bath and Gellert Bath. Széchenyi Bath is gender neutral and is out in the open whereas Gellert Bath has architectural surroundings. Both have their own charm, so Holxo’s Budapest travel guide recommends that you try both of them. These natural springs have therapeutic water and provide healing qualities for your body.

Széchenyi Bath

Széchenyi Bath

  1. Danube River Cruise

One of the best things to see is the grand Danube River and there is nothing better than going on a cruise on Danube River during your Budapest summer holiday. On this gorgeous cruise, you will explore the carefully preserved parts of the river. A night cruise will add to the beauty of the river as well as the city. The cruise will give you the best views of famous buildings such as Buda Castle and the Hungarian Parliament Building. The Budapest travel guide will be incomplete without this cruise.

Danube River Cruise

Danube River Cruise

  1. Admire the royal buildings of Budapest

St. Stephen Basilica is well-known for its outstanding architecture and relics. The Hungarian Parliament is the third largest parliament building of the world and is the most famous building of Budapest. Hungarian Soap Opera has some of the best acoustics in the world and it looks opulent. The Great Synagogue is the epitome of remarkable stonework with astonishing architecture —the list is endless. There is no way that you should miss seeing these marvels on your Budapest trip. Thus, ensure you include it in your Budapest travel guide.

The Hungarian Parliament

The Hungarian Parliament

  1. Try Hungarian food and drinks

Your trip to Budapest will remain incomplete without trying delicious Hungarian food, particularly Hungarian goulash. Served as stew, it is cooked with different meats, depending on your choice. The meat is marinated with some exotic spices. You shouldn’t miss out on Hungarian wine either. Eger, Somlo and Tokaj are some of the finest wines of Budapest and are a must try.

  1. A visit to the Buda Castle

Most Europe holiday packages include a visit to Buda Castle, the Royal Palace – a royal castle that was first built in the 14th century. This beautiful place is home to many hot springs that are surrounded by hilly regions. Buda Castle sits on the top of Castle Hill, another major attraction in the city and is also home to the Hungarian National Gallery and a History Museum. These are enough reasons to put it in your Budapest travel guide. The best time to visit this gorgeous palace is during the night when the lights outlining the castle glitter with pride!

Buda Castle

Buda Castle

  1. Attend amazing festivals and events

Budapest is the hub of many entertaining festivals and events that take place throughout the year. There are many popular festivals taking place in this lively city such as Sziget Festival Obuda Festival (August 2019), Wine and Champagne Festival (September 2019), and the Budapest Christmas Fair and Winter Festival (November 2019 to January 2020). Some other interesting events which take place exclusively in Budapest include Night of Baths Festival, Mangalica Festival (February 2020), Palinka Festival Budapest (October 2019) and Foie Gras Festival (goose liver eating) (September 2019). These festivals are as unique as their names and a must visit!

We hope that our Budapest travel guide has convinced you and now, you are ready to plan your customized Holxo holiday package with us!

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