Once in a while, businesses throw parties to treat their employees and celebrate a business milestone. Although it is cost-effective to throw an office party inside the business premises, it will always remind them of work and the pressure that comes with it.

Staging the party outside your office has its benefits. For one, being away from office premises can help employees take their mind off work and also give them the chance to party freely. If you are tasked to find the ideal party and event venues in Dubai, here are some factors that you need to consider:

  1. Pick the right size

One of the most common mistakes that newbie party organizers commit is picking a small venue for a big crowd.  Apart from the number of employees, you need to take into account the equipment that will be used for the event and the comfort of the attendees. Try to look for a venue will accommodate both the guests, the party staff, and the equipment but still have room for movement and comfort.

  1. The vibe should be different

As mentioned, employees prefer to celebrate in a space that look and feel different from your office space. Be sure to pick a party venue that has an excellent interior that can help the employees relax and unwind. Take note of the ambiance, the environment and the feel of the party place.

  1. It is near your office

When you choose a party location that is far from your office space, the attendees would most likely to go home instead of travelling long just to party. Which is why it is best to choose a banquet hall that is near your office space. You need to keep in mind that these employees are tired from work and the proximity of the party location would matter to them.

  1. Should have complete amenities

Organizing a party can be tedious, especially arranging the logistics. If you are dealing with a couple of suppliers, you might make an extra effort for logistics. But if you can find a party place that offers everything – from catering to entertainment, then be sure to consider it.

  1. Safe and secure

Sometimes, party organizers pay less attention to the security of the space and think more about the look of the space. You need to take into account the security of the people while they are inside the premises. It should be near the public transportation and railways to help employees get home safe and sound.

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Dubai – UAE

Friday, Aug 12, 2022