If you don’t know already, an office coffee machine or coffee vending machine is the essential item that you must have in your office pantry. It is used to make coffee through an automatic procedure by dispensing freshly made coffee with a single press of button. There are two types of office coffee machines in the market, one that dispenses coffee without adding sugar automatically and other that comes with the option to dispense coffee with sugar. You will find a variety of coffee machines that come with multiple options of coffee flavors to choose from. You must be wondering what good they can do for your office pantry. Following are a few benefits of installing coffee machine in your office kitchen:

Well-maintained pantry

One of the major benefits that you will reap by installing coffee machine in your office pantry is that it will keep it clean. There will be no coffee spills, stains, coffee and sugar grains all over the place. Using paper cups will also end piles of cups around the sink.

More available space

Once you will have a coffee machine in your pantry, you will have more available space.  As all the ingredients will directly go into the coffee machine, you will not have to provide your staff with jars to keep sugar, coffee, milk, spoons and cups.

It will reduce your pantry expenses

Another major benefit of installing a coffee machine in your office kitchen is that it will reduce your pantry expenses. This is mainly because an automatic coffee machine will use a specific amount of ingredients for each and every cup. You will not have to worry about wastage of kitchen supplies having a coffee machine in your office kitchen.

It will increase the productivity of your staff

Time is money for any business. Once you will have an automatic coffee machine, it will increase the productivity of your staff. If you are not sure how, consider how much time it will save for your employees – time they would otherwise spend in making coffee. For instance, if you have a staff of 50 employees who spend 20 minutes a day making coffee for themselves, it wastes 1000 minutes out of their work hours.

On the whole, it is very beneficial for your business to use such pantry supplies that could not only reduce your kitchen expenses buy also help in increasing the productivity of your employees.


Dubai – UAE

Friday, Aug 12, 2022