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Can you get a refund if you miss your flight?

These are your rights when you missed your flight


When you miss a flight, you may be able to get either compensation from the airline or you may be able to get a refund of the taxes paid by the airline for your flight. In this article, we will tell you about qualifying for these two categories. Airlines contact numbers are an organization that helps air travelers claim compensation from the airline when they have delayed the flight, cancellation, or when they refused to boarding. We also help passengers with general travel information. Get the american airlines reservations right tips.

Claiming compensation for a missed flight under Regulation CE 261/2004:

Did you check-in in time?


There are cases in which you are entitled to compensation from the airline if you remember your flight. The most important situation is to check-in. Most airports advise passengers to arrive at the airport at least two hours prior to departure of their flight, to ensure that there is sufficient time to go in and check through the customs duty. If you arrive late at the airport, there are cases in which you will not be allowed to fly. Most airlines require passengers to check at least 45 minutes before departure, and if they come later on the check-in desk, they are allowed to deprive the passengers of the flight. If the airline allows passengers to check after that, the flight will be delayed because the passenger can not go through the customs duty and will be able to load his luggage in the aircraft for a specified time.


Very often it happens that travelers arrive at the airport for a long time to check-in, only to find that there are very large queues. Most people do not realize that the airline is most likely to board you if the long queues do not reach you on time at the check-in desk, even then what the airport staffers can tell you.

In order to qualify for compensation under Regulation EC 261/2004, you have to check in time. If the flight is delayed or canceled, or if you have been deprived of boarding, then it is clear that you, personally, can not be held guilty for this incident. For example There was a technical error, the captain was overlap, or the airline overbooked the flight.

Missed connection due to a delay or cancellation 

Connecting flights are most of those flights, which miss the passengers. If your first flight is delayed or canceled, this can offset your connecting flight.

If you checked for your first flight on time, and delaying or canceling the said flight reminds you of your connecting flight, you may be entitled to good compensation.


This means that you may be entitled to a higher class compensation, as much as you would be based on your initial delay or cancellation. It also means that you may be entitled to compensation, even if your first flight is less than 3 hours delay, which will normally mean that you will not be entitled to receive any compensation.

The general rule of thumb is that your first flight will be delayed by more than 30 minutes.

Of course, when you have to transfer to a connecting flight, you do not pass the routine check in the process on the counter, as well as the other passengers only at the airport. This is the reason that checking connecting flights does not apply to your connecting flight for 45 minutes, because with connecting flights, you have fulfilled your obligation to present yourself at the given time and place, and the airline is due to your mistake Does not miss your flight.

Compensation for a missed connecting flight, when am I entitled?

When you have missed your connecting flight and you need to be compensated, you need to take care of it

  • You checked at your original departure at the airport
  • Your original flight (or another flight to your program) was delayed by more than 30 minutes and it missed you from connecting flights.
  • Due to your connected miss flight, you arrive late at your final destination more than 3 hours, depending on the time set in your original booking.
  • The reason for delays can not be considered as extraordinary


How much is my compensation on my flight due to delays in any other flight?

The distance you were about to cover, or you actually traveled, as determined by your original booking, will determine the amount of compensation. It will be calculated keeping your departure from the airport and distance from your final destination.

As stated in Regulation EC 261/2004, the following are:

  • For all flights 1,500 kilometers or less: EUR 250 (9 £ 219)
  • For all intra-community flights of more than 1,500 kilometers and for all other flights between 1,500 and 3,500 kilometers: EUR 400 (- $ 351)
  • For all other flights that do not fall under (A) or (B): EUR 600 (flights £ 526)

Missed your flight but is not entitled to compensation? What are the conditions for the passengers to get back taxes?

When you missed your flight, but you are not entitled to compensation, you can still get refunds for taxes paid by you. If you miss your flight, the airline does not have to pay any passengers to the airport. But you have already paid these taxes, which can include up to 25% of your ticket price. Most travelers do not know that in most cases they can ask the airline for the return of these traveler tax taxes.

Sometimes airlines mention this right in their rights and terms. So please be sure to check those people. There are airlines that will charge administration fees if you ask them to return the taxes. This is a strange thing for them, especially considering the fact that if you were not able to take flight, they could sell your chair to someone else. In other words: they can get double for a seat.


Keep these things in mind:

  • The reason for the flight was usually irrelevant
  • You did not use this flight
  • Calculates tax on traveler tax of airline airport taxes and local governments
  • Three months after the date of the trip was not requested for refund.
  • In some cases, you will need to book the flight directly with the airline to be able to get a refund

I missed my connecting flight outside the European Union, can I still claim compensation?

Yes you can! For example: Your booked travel was from London to Los Angeles with Connecting Flight in Houston. Your flight to London from London was delayed by only 2 hours, but this missed your connecting flight from Los Angeles to Los Angeles. It was the last flight of the day so you had to spend the night in Houston and wait till the next day’s flight. Finally you take a replacement flight and you arrive late in Los Angeles for approximately 12 hours. Until the original reason of delay can not be considered as an extraordinary circumstance, you will be entitled to compensation. In this specific route, it will be € 600.00!


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