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Celebrate The Rise Of The African Fashion Industry

Through the years, African fashion has emerged in a new style, and many young designers and fashion bloggers changed the scenario with their bold fashion sense. African clothing is so much more than the way it looks. The eye-popping colors, the brilliant combinations at the moment tells many stories of the continent’s culture, heritage, and dresses. Latest African fashion clothes have prints and patterns tamed nicely to drive the future of Africa and boost the continent’s textile economic growth.

Normally, there are many fabrics that you can relate to Spring, summer and winter wear- – there is the Ankara fabric, Gele, Dashiki, Kente, Kitenge, and Aso Oke fabrics are considered as the “Beauty of Africa.” Surely, these fabrics have become the major contributing factor in the increased value of commodities. These commodities are brought into light by the stemming of Sub-Saharan African clothing and footwear market. Let’s do a quick analysis on the take of African fashion and traditional prints that accurately described black men and women way better.

Sub-Saharan African Clothing Industry Scenario

You won’t believe that African clothing is making waves in the design industry. Sub-Saharan African clothing and footwear market is worth $31 billion US dollars. Although it’s facing many challenges of poor supply, inferior infrastructure, the lack of international partners but hopefully, they will be resolved to keep up with the updated fashion trends. A new initiative has taken to pump confidence of Sub-Saharan African countries. Cotton, textile and apparel manufacturers in 18 sub-Saharan African countries are making efforts to attract new buyers and investors to the region.

Most importantly why people support the handmade fashion that it is a celebration of their freedom. The art of craft never flops. American history has given many lessons to Africa in terms of slavery, racism and class division. But today, it’s the golden opportunity to express their freedom by the wealth of patterns, shapes, and colors used in repetition. It’s an opportunity to release their cultural diversity in air, and thus we should support the ongoing and incoming African endeavors as they rise and claim their rightful place in this world.

The Evolution Of African Textiles- Hand weaving, Traditional Crafting & More

Little did you know the mainstream ready-to-wear African clothes have taken a look back on handmade African clothing? African women especially are experts in this job and people have high regard for their craft. These craft weavers utilize their customary sewing machines as well as innovative textile processes to go after the creative apparels. They have a strong belief on their traditional roots, and so they enforce all of the ancestral values onto the fabric, and the results are truly captivated. Keep eagle eye on boubou and kaftan. These long-lived popular designs for women have been employed to create skirts, jackets, tops, shorts, headwraps, bags, and other accessories. The best thing about them is that African women keep them in their wardrobe to attain a casual, classy and they even wear on business affairs. These are outfits labeled for Every Season & Event!

The Fashion Magazine Of Your Choice

How about every day we give you the most interesting facts on African daily fashion?  Now that you think, let us supply you another up-to-date news. Those fashion magazines you read at the waiting area and get inspired by the model’s style, yes those exactly refers to African latest style clothing of all-time popular ones. Furthermore, it gives you an insight of who traveled into the different continents, talk about social influencers and well-known designers of the field. Exhibiting the vibrant colors that are known to be of African origin and using statement animal prints as a part of their design on their clothing line.

In general, if we speak of African fashion, history has darkness within but hats off to these cool young chaps (bloggers) who are making African fashion imaginable. These fashion influencers are totally in love with local African brands and make no excuse to pull into their skin Even the grand social events they attend, you will see them openly show offing their fashion sense to the world.

Here at Lyse collection, you will quickly kill time by looking after one another all the news related to the African fashion industry. So why delay? Explore the detailed map of African fashion here.

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