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Dealing with Criticism in Corporate Life

Have to face criticism at the office? Feel desperate and exasperated? Wondering what to do? Well, with globalization, advancements in science and technology, 24/7 connectivity, and sky-rocketing aspirations of denizens, there has been a paradigm shift in the kinds of occupations as also work-related commitments.

Corporate Life

Competitive Streak
The world has become cut-throat competitive, and the effect is more pronounced in the corporate sector. Companies have to meet high targets to thrive. They want employees who strive for excellence and are epitomes of passion, perfection, and dedication.

No Room for Mediocrity
Not only for establishments but for workers too, the sky’s the limit. They know and understand very well that in order to fulfil their professional and personal ambitions as also expectations of their family and society, they must toil hard.

Pros and Cons
No doubt, it does lead to new entrepreneurs and firms progressing by leaps and bounds in a short span of time, thereby generating employment as also boosting the economy of the nation. But, at the same time, is has numerous undesirable ramifications too. Both bosses and subordinates are under constant stress to perform and achieve new milestones of success. As such, not even a little fault on anybody’s part can be ignored.

To Err is Human
The constant quest for excellence often results in corporate supervisors becoming very strict and short-tempered. Most workers, on their part, try to put their best foot forward. But still, inadvertent lapses occur, and every seemingly innocuous error could invite severe criticism from the seniors, clients or colleagues.

Are You Bogged Down by Workplace Criticism?
Giving up the job might seem to be the only option at times. But it might not always be feasible. Also, we need to adapt by learning and practising the survival instincts, instead of running away from fear. Every lock has a key and every problem has a solution. Let us see what all you can do to get rid of criticism related stress.

  • Take it Positively
    If your manager, due to any reasons, stops correcting you, it could lead to ‘watermelon’ effect, i.e., you would no longer get to know about your shortcomings. And if you don’t know where you lack, how would you mend yourself? The crux is that you should take criticism positively – as an opportunity to improve yourself. Learning is said to be a never-ending process. The more we learn, the more we evolve, the more confident we become, and the more successful we will be!
  • Go Spiritual
    Being spiritual is different from being religious. Spirituality helps us to improve in every way as also to become indifferent to people and circumstances beyond our control. There is a plenty of ‘going spiritual’ options to choose from. Surf the net and see which one appeals to you. A lot of modern people and even youngsters are regulars at the ashrams of ‘Brahma Kumaris’, ‘Ananda’, ‘Art of Living’, ‘Iskcon’, and ‘Divine Life Society’ to name a few. However, the aim should be to calm yourself with the practices they teach but not blindly go after ‘godmen’ and ‘godwomen’.
  • Practice Mindfulness, Meditation, Deep Breathing or Yoga
    Choose any of these excellent relaxations means to cope up with the stress of all kinds. In fact, if such sessions are taken up as a routine ritual, they can relax both your mind and body. They fill you with positivity and you need not even go anywhere. Many such short-duration exercises are available on the net. Just put on your headphones and close your eyes, to breathe in positivity and breathe out all the tension. Equip yourself to deal with all sorts of dilemmas. What is criticism? It’s nothing!
  • Listening to Music
    What kind of music do you like? Basically, you need to get rid of the criticism-related frustration. The new-age has brought a lot many things within everybody’s easy reach. One of them is access to 24/7 music of all genres, be it trendy and spirited, or devotional and soothing. Music is a pretty good option to placate your nerves and then think constructively to know the root cause of a problem; here – workplace criticism, and work on it.
  • Online Gaming
    An absolutely unique outlet that helps you vent out vexation of all sorts is playing online games. There is such a huge variety of online games that there is something for everyone. Play Candy Crush, Temple Run, Angry Birds, 8 Ball Pool or Indian Rummy. Achieve targets in the virtual world, get motivated and then accomplish the same in your professional life. It is an ‘easy-to-do’ activity that makes you forget everything else and if you are also able to earn money online, you will not only feel refreshed and energised but also get richer. Yes, Online Rummy is a game that presents you with an amazing platform for mind-boggling entertainment as also to make money online. We can handle flak in innovative ways!

The Essence
There are many factors that lead to an employee being criticised by his/her superiors and/or peers. Sometimes, it could be a real shortcoming on our part, at other times, it could be sheer jealousy or general irritability. However, whatever might be the reason, we must always keep our chin up. If we actually lack on a front, we ought to work on it, while in the other cases, we need to learn how not to take things to heart. Choose one of the ways mentioned in the article to feel optimistic and deal with criticism in a positive manner.


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