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How to Entertain Yourself While Stuck in Traffic

The Philippines has one of the worst traffic conditions in the world in most of its busy cities, there will almost always be a traffic jam right around the corner. And of course, whether you’re a truck driver, or a family going on a vacation, getting stuck in traffic can be one of the most boring things to experience.

In the Philippines, Foton trucks can be found in almost every highway. Their giant ones at the side, or some relatively small ones buzzing through early morning traffic. In most cases, you’ll find them just strolling along because their routes are predetermined and laid out so that they won’t encounter such heavy traffic situations.

This can’t always be the case, however. There will always be the chance in which any driver will experience getting stuck in traffic for hours on end. When that happens, you should find ways to make the most of your time! sitting around for an hour or so isn’t going to help you out too much, so it’s best that you find some way to either entertain yourself or do something productive!

Take a look at these few suggestions that you can do in order to make the most of your time while being stuck in traffic!

Phone Calls

In any situation other than being stuck in traffic, using your phone would usually be highly discouraged—especially if you plan on texting someone. When you’re stuck in traffic, however, it’ fine as long as you still keep an eye out on your surroundings. When you’re alone at your truck or car, you can use the time to talk with your friends, catch up on some news about them, and typically enjoy your time.

Of course, you can also do some important calls as long as you think that there’s ample time for it. Talk to people you care about. Friends, families, relatives. Everybody! Seldom will such an opportunity come up, especially when you’re always on the go. Seize the moment and connect with your loved ones while stuck in traffic!

Play Music

No, don’t reach for your guitar and sing your sorrows away while sitting there. Play music from your phone, or on the stereo! It’s something that’s quite normal for most drivers. Listening to music can help calm a driver, or keep them up during long rides. It’s also handy for preventing the sleepiness to get to you!

Nothing really beats listening to a good playlist. It’s the perfect accompaniment whenever you have the chance to sit back, relax, and enjoy your time!

If you’re up for it, singing along is a valid option. Practice those vocal cords for the next time you get a stag for you to perform!

Listen to Audio books / Read a Book

For the busy people who love reading, or listening to audio books but don’t have the time to do so in their everyday routines, a traffic jam is a blessing. Yes, it might mean you’ll be late for work or an appointment, but at least you got the chance to peruse this book you’ve been dying to read!

Kidding aside, reading during a traffic is a very productive way to waste time. some people even find reading relatively comforting, so instead of getting angry at the world because of being stuck in traffic, read a book and relax in the comfort of your vehicle!


You can’t really eat during a trip when the vehicle is moving, especially if you’re the driver. Traffic jams provide an interesting opportunity to do so! since you would either be inching your way slowly or in a complete stop, you have a relatively stable position, and eating something will be just fine!

Especially for those people with jam-packed schedules, eating during the commute is normal! It’s the perfect time for you to eat if you don’t have any schedule breaks. Most of the time you’ll feel some hunger pangs during your travels anyway, so do yourself a favor and eat up when you have the chance!

Clean Up

Sometimes, truck drivers and families don’t necessarily have time to clean up a car. In some cases, truck cabins or the whole car, in general, will be a complete mess because of snacks being eaten, notes being thrown away, and so much more. use your time wisely and try cleaning up while you’re stuck in traffic.

By cleaning the insides of your vehicle, you might find some interesting things such as spare change, missing keys, among others. But the best thing that you’ll get from cleaning up your vehicle is probably the sensation that you’re driving in a clean and hygienic truck!

Key Takeaway

Getting stuck in a traffic jam is not very fun for drivers in the Philippines. Foton trucks, cars, vans, and sometimes motorcycles can be seen in the mix. And it can get pretty boring after a while. Make sure you don’t bore yourself too much by making the most of the time you have while stuck in traffic!

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