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Faremakers-An Excellent Traveling Consultant

Air traveling in Pakistan is now important medium of transportation; many years ago it was not possible for the people to buy air tickets in comfortable manner but a company which has been brought into existence which has made much higher revolution in the travelling industry.

Faremakers, Pakistan First Online Company has been stared in 2003 with a passion for making traveling very easy for the customers. It has focused on providing air tickets to the clients. Passengers can now easily travel to different number of destinations for the future. There are also Best Flight Deals provided by the company for the customers. They also contain huge discounts for the purpose of traveling and tourism to the customers. Deals also have additional benefits for the customers like there is option of buy one get one free or transit hotel is provided free of cost to those who have done booking. These kinds of offers are launched for the airlines. Many of the airline promotions are launched for purpose of customers.

Services of Company

The company deals in full fledge traveling and tourism. Main products of the company are affordable air tickets for every customer. You can travel up to 5000+ international destinations using many airlines. Number of the airlines is also 500+. Such a bigger service is provided by us. You can instantly reserve PIA Flights from us. We also deal in the reservation of international hotels for the purpose of traveling to significant destination. Their ranking starts from two to seven stars for the customers. Guests also book them for spending time in comfortable environment. Hotels are present in each and every country of the world. Book them now.

Tourism Packages are also need of the modern travelers who travel just for fun and having some recreation. You can also book packages from us. You can also include these kinds of tourism packages for your relatives, friends and others etc.

The company also arranges visitor visa of notable countries. You need to tell us from where you are going and destination and arrival. Our branches are also present in Mandi Bahauddin and Faisalabad.  Google provides the location of company’s branches.

Excellent Services

Outstanding services are offered to the clients. Head office remains open for 24/7 time period.  Any time and from anywhere you can contact us for the booking of air tickets.

Deals and Promotions

Airlines continue to launch deals and promotions for the client. Sometimes, the promotion is also of longer time period. It also means that you can easily travel for longer duration.

Option of Free Home Delivery

Our company is the only traveling and tourism service orientated which has free home delivery of our services like if after reservation, you can tell us the place and our delivery riders will go at that place and quickly deliver the air tickets for you.

Increasing List of Customer Care Centers

We have largest number of customer care offices for the helping clients. Biggest number is present in Lahore, two offices are present in Islamabad and one is present in Karachi, Mandi Bahauddin and Faisalabad.  We serve the customers from every end.


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