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Fascinating Places That You Have to See in Chicago

Chicago is one of the most fascinating cities in the world and there’s no wonder for it considering all the attractions it comes with. You can spend days trying to see all this city has to offer and you would probably still miss a few touristic objectives. But, in order to enjoy the best of Chicago, here are some unique attractions that you should definitely check out before you leave town! And try to make every second matter as this can be an amazing trip to take!



Who wouldn’t want a 360 degrees view over the amazing city of Chicago? And since everyone would answer yes to this offer, you can actually enjoy such a view if you go to Streeterville. Here you will find one of the highest buildings in Chicago where you can be over 1000 feet in the air and enjoy an amazing view. If you are lucky enough to get to this spot on a clear day when the sky is not bothered by clouds, you might even be able to see 4 different states.

In every direction you look, you can discover a fascinating and new horizon and it is one of the best places to be when you are in Chicago. Not to mention that this spot can easily be a romantic one as well, especially if you want to impress your significant other with a view to remember!

Willis Tower Skydeck

Tower Skydeck

Willis Tower Skydeck is another great place to be when you find yourself in Chicago. This is also an impressively high spot, that can offer you a view of Chicago from as high as 1353 feet above the town. This spot is located at the 103-th floor, but it is definitely worth to check it out. You will not just be at a significant height, but you can also stand on a box of glass and have an amazing feeling as you look down on the city.

This will give you a breathtaking feeling for the entire time you spend there and besides the fascination that comes with being so high, you will also have a feeling of adrenaline that will make your heart beat faster. And whatever you do, don’t forget to snap a selfie while you are in this unique place because you will definitely love to share such a memory with your friends and family and even look back at this moment with pleasure!

Chicago History Museum

chicago museum

If you are in Chicago and you have some time to kill, you should by all means pay a visit to the Chicago History Museum. Here you will find not only amazing historical pieces and stories but also plenty of places to simply hang out at and enjoy a nice day. Here, you will find plenty of exhibits to admire on a regular basis because there is no dull day at the Chicago History Museum.

The most famous and appreciated exhibit is the one called “Chicago: Crossroads of America”. This is the type of exhibit that will steal your heart with interesting historical objects among which you will find parts of the original Fort Dearborn. For those who enjoy using different gadgets, the same pieces of history can be discovered and explored by using high technology devices such as hands on displays.

Get a limousine service to explore the beauty of Chicago city


Hiring a limousine service is a very popular practice in Chicago. Because this city has a lot to offer, you can definitely enjoy it more if you explore it from a cozy and fancy services. The chauffeur will help you not only get around the city as you need but also find the best destinations for your free time.

He can recommend you places to eat at, parks to take walks on or jog and even different stores that you should check out for any possible shopping. Not to mention that a limousine service can be as glamorous as you want it to be, according to the options that you choose when you book your limo. And since this is such a common practice in Chicago, you will not spend a fortune on it either.

Now that you know what are the top 3 places to check out when you have some free time in Chicago, there’s no need to plan spending hours each day at your hotel room. Get out there and explore the urban adventure that Chicago has to offer and try doing it by using a limousine service if you need to add a touch of comfort and fanciness to your trip! Chances are that you will fall in love with the place and also the lovely and welcoming people that live in Chitown!


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