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Fun Attractions for Kids in Copenhagen

When a family goes on a trip, the most excited persons in that clan are the little ones. Kids are the most curious about different places, and it is about their young age which makes them this way. It is actually good for them as it provides them with different opportunities to learn, grow and discover themselves.

Copenhagen: A perfect place to visit with your family

When we talk about visiting another country for vacationing with your family, there is none other better than Copenhagen. There are many reasons why this city is best to visit with your family. Some of them include its historical significance, friendliest people on the planet, safety, security, weather, and its past association with folklore. There are also ample parks, museums, shopping malls and other places that amuse kids of all ages. For this reason, we are going to make a list of places in Copenhagen that are best for kids. You can take them there when visiting this beautiful city, and enjoy a great family time.

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Tivoli Amusement

Tivoli Amusement Park

There are amusement parks in the world that are inspired by Disneyland, but then there is Tivoli Amusement Park in Copenhagen, which inspired the great Walt Disney to make Disneyland. Now imagine taking your kids there and seeing them enjoy the best time of their life, a moment no parent will ever want to miss.

Tivoli Garden is the oldest amusement park in the world. Made in the 19th-century, it has the oldest rollercoaster ride for everyone along with other amazing rides. This place is not only visited by over-enthusiastic kids but also adults who want to lose themselves in something significant and amazing. This place also depicts the amorousness of orient, so you and your missus can enjoy the quality time there as well. These facts and some more that are too long to mention here are reasonable enough to make you take your kids here and enjoy the time of your life.

Little Mermaid Statue

Little Mermaid Statue

“This is just a statue”, said every kid to their parents when seeing the statue of the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen. Don’t look at this as an unimportant moment of your life, but take it as an opportunity to tell your kids about Fairy Tales; yes, their favorite books. You can tell them that this statue is the tribute to the author of the Fairy Tales who lived in the city of Copenhagen. You can benefit from this opportunity to increase the knowledge of your kids and bring them closer to studying history and other novels.

Copenhagen Zoo

Located in the Zoological Garden of Copenhagen, this zoo is one of the oldest zoos in Europe. There are a number of animals there, which makes it a perfect place to visit for anyone. Your kids can see different animals from the continent of Asia, Africa, America, Australia, and Antarctica. Elephants and polar bears are favorite for most of the kids, find out which animal fascinates your kids by visiting this zoo with them.


When you visit a city, you definitely want to shop for some souvenirs or any other local item. But shopping can be very difficult when you are with kids. Most of the shops are located on the roadside and there is always a risk of hitting a car or a bike. But Strøget is a pedestrian shopping street in Copenhagen where no car or a bike is allowed. It is the longest shopping street in Europe, and with no traffic, you can easily shop here with your kids. Your kids can also look for their items here. So your family must visit this street before heading back.

Rosenborg & Amalienborg Castle

Built in the early 17th-century, Rosenborg Castle is a great place to visit with your family. If you have kids, you must visit this place along with Amalienborg Palace with them as their interior decoration can fascinate anyone beyond their imaginations. You can also take your kids for the sake of increasing their knowledge about history. These trips to castles and palaces sometimes spark an interest in young ones, and they may even shape their career around this interest.

Copenhagen Museum


Just like visiting castles and palaces may spark an interest towards history in kids, visiting museums can also trigger some interest in the history, art, and designs and they can shape their whole life on it. For this reason, we recommend you to take your kids to the Danish Museum of Art & Design and National Museum of Denmark.

Tycho Brahe Planetarium

Copenhagen has one of the best planetaria in Scandinavia. You must take your kids with you to the Tycho Brahe Planetarium and enjoy with them by observing the night skies, galaxies and countless stars that are really out there in the sky.

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