After a long week of stress and dealing with problem, we yearn for a time when we can have a good, clean fun. Staying at home might be a good idea, but at times, you need to go out and make the most out of your Friday night.

If you are planning to have some fun and visit premier cocktail bars in Dubai, here are some prep tips that can help you to enjoy your night out sans the hassle:

  1. Decide where you want to go

The first thing that you need to do when you want to have a night out with friends is to know where you will spend your time in. There are a number of cocktail bars that you can go to. Each bar and watering hole has their own specialty. Some offer Dubai ladies night during Monday nights, while other have their own themed party organized and arrange. Picking the destination would enable you to iron out the details and book your reservation to avoid the long lines.

  1. Invite your friends in advance

Going for a night out on your own is no fun. It would be best if you can invite some of your friends to have fun with you. Be sure to tell your friends in advance so they can make necessary arrangement to their schedules. Also, relay other details what clothes to wear and what time should you meet before you proceed. You can also organize a pre-night out party where you and your friend can prepare together before proceed to the bar.

  1. Prepare your outfit

Of course, you need to think about what you are going to wear for your night out. It would be best to pick something that would make you stand out from the crowd but still do not cross the line of decency. If the party that you are going to is themed, try to align with the prescribe outfit for the event.

  1. Think your after-party getaway

If you don’t want to go home just yet, it is best to plan your next event. It could be a simple dinner or coffee to cap the night. Just be sure to book your reservations as early as possible to avoid the long lines.

  1. Disengage with your devices

Unless you are posting your pictures for social media, it would be best to turn off your phones for the meantime. You need to remember that you are there to have some fun. Distraction will just kill your buzz.


Dubai – UAE

Friday, Aug 12, 2022