Business Set Up Requirements in Dubai

When starting a new business, a UAE free trade zone or branch will be a good option. Depending on the type of business, you can choose from several different types of entity structures. A free trade zone is particularly advantageous for foreign investors, as it offers zero taxation on profits, a 100% foreign ownership requirement, and world-class broadband. The UAE also has many tax incentives for registering a business, so it is worth considering setting up your company in a free zone. However, before you invest, be sure you know the general trading license cost in Dubai.

Determine what type of business you’ll be running:

When setting up a business in Dubai, it’s important to determine what type of business you’ll be running. The type of license you’ll need depends on the type of business you plan to operate. In addition to a license, some activities need approval from other governmental departments, and some free zones require additional documents. If you’re unsure of what kind of business you’ll be operating, you can always work with a business setup partner.

Determine the kind of trade license you’ll need:

Before setting up a business in the UAE, you should determine the kind of license you’ll need. Generally, businesses need to have a license that identifies their basic activity. In addition, you should find out whether a certain license category allows you to conduct any activity you want to conduct. You shouldn’t be restricted by license categories or other regulations – it would be impossible to do your job without one.

Provide the copies of the shareholder’s passport:

Once you have a company name and activity, you can begin the process of registering with the government. You will need to provide copies of the shareholders’ passports. Most free zones require a non-GCC resident to serve as its local service agent. They must be appointed under an agreement attested by a notary public or court. In addition, you must have a physical address for your business. The location must be by land planning regulations.

For companies with international operations, a physical presence is an absolute necessity. All businesses in Dubai need a physical address and a business license. However, the most important requirement for starting a new business is a business license. Your license will help you establish a legal presence in the UAE. It will also allow you to trade with the UAE market.


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Thursday, Jun 30, 2022