There are a lot of tactics that you need to follow in order to promote your vape brand. From the visit of a vape shop in Dubai to a process of surveys, there’s a long chain of information that you need to collect in order to understand people’s mind. You can start off by visiting any vape shop in dubai mall, and ask the vape marketers about what do they consider before marketing their brand. These are the points that are globally concern when a firm launches a vape.

  • Marketers of e-cigarettes should be prohibited to claim that e-cigarettes are healthier as compared to tobacco and harmless without any proof or evidence from medical clinics or health departments. 
  • There must be an age restriction or limitation regarding the marketing of e-cigarettes. Teens below 18 should be prohibited to use e-cigarettes.
  • Nicotine must be specified as a restricted and prohibited poison if it isn’t used for therapeutic purposes. E-cigarettes without nicotine can allowed to be classified as consumer products.
  • E-cigarettes should be permitted to be categorized as medicines if marketed with medical claims with proofs and evidences. 
  • E-cigarettes should be prohibited in public areas and places.
  • Before introducing an E-cigarette brand to the market, the administration or senior officials of the state which handle legal and lawful activities must be informed. 
  • Warnings on the packages of E-cigarettes must be added to guide individuals. 
  • The producers and importers of E-cigarettes should inform the ministry of economy annually about the flow of the product and its effects on the users. 
  • Even if nicotine is used, the amount of nicotine in an E-cigarette must be less than 20mg/mL.
  • The tanks of E-cigarettes shouldn’t be over 2mL. 
  • The volume of the refilling bottle should not cross 10mL. 
  • Only high quality ingredients should be used in E-cigarettes and no extra or unnecessary substances should be used in E-cigarette. 
  • The regulation of E-cigarette should be controlled by the law that prohibits the usage of tobacco and related products. 
  • The use of E-cigarette should be banned where smoking is restricted. 
  • E-cigarettes can be brought in the market as a consumer or medicine product but should go through a licensing procedure. 
  • Non-nicotine E-cigarettes should be classified as consumer products as well as nicotine E-cigarettes should be categorized as tobacco product. 
  • Menthol E-cigarettes should be banned. 
  • Age verification should occur when selling E-cigarettes online. 
  • Marketers of E-cigarettes should be lawfully responsible for the society.
  • The E-cigarettes should not promote any logo, picture, label, wording, substance etc which forces the usage of tobacco.   
  • The E-cigarette market must clarify that the E-cigarette doesn’t contain any type of nicotine or tobacco. 
  • The market of E-cigarette must inform clearly that if the product contains nicotine, they will provide reasons or facts regarding why nicotine was involved.

Most importantly, the producers of E-cigarette shouldn’t force health specialists to approve the marketing of E-cigarette. 


Dubai – UAE

Saturday, Oct 1, 2022