Like every other thing, your exhibition also needs planning if you are about to participate in one. Without proper planning your event can become a disaster. Planning a proper exhibition can help you target your audience easily. Attracting visitors to your display stand is very complex task. So what is there that you should keep in mind while planning and arranging your exhibition stand. Here we will help you out with some of the consideration that you should look while planning for your exhibition:


Determining the size of your exhibition stand is essential for an exhibitor. It can help you achieve your targeted audience. It can also help you suit and maintain your company and brand image. You should utilize the space you have optimally. If you do not have large space you can increase the height of the exhibition stand to make it look open rather suffocating. Exhibition stand builders, Dubai can help you with determining the size of exhibition stand.

Attractive Messages:

To let your audience know and specify your brand you need to have attractive messages. It will help attract customers and can create a strong brand image. The stronger your message, the stronger impact it can have on the customers. Not only messages but also information and visuals should be provided so that consumers can get to know more about the brand. The size and font of the text also matters alot in grabbing attention of the visitors.


You should know who will be your target audience and how will you tackle them. You should have well determined objectives to achieve. This will help you design the size, messages, designs, etc. that will help you attract the targeted audience you are looking for, hence making it easier to tackle them.

Fun Activities:

Simply providing the information to the visitors can make them lose their interest. Some interaction and fun activities will help visitors engage more in to your display stand. It will also help build trust and comfort zone within the visitors. This will also leave a long lasting effect on the visitors.


Display stands should have appropriate lighting according to their brand’s image. Too much lights, too many fancy lights or too little lights can make your visitors avoid your stand or they may not visit at all. Display stands Dubai have they most eye catching lighting, creating a want to stay environment.


Dubai – UAE

Thursday, Jun 30, 2022