For those who don’t know, concrete core drilling happens to be a mechanical process through which perfect round shaped holes are drilled into different concrete structures, walls and floors. The most popular tool used for the purpose of conducting a concrete cutting job is that of the diamond core cutting tool. Using the different tools available these days, it is possible for professionals to drill in round holes on vertical and horizontal surfaces made out of concrete. If it is necessary, it is also possible for concrete ceilings to be drilled through. Once the drilling session is complete, it is possible for the professionals to remove a slug of concrete from the hole. There are a series of processes that are included in the entire drilling and concrete cutting procedure, after which it is necessary for you to acquire concrete removal services.

If truth be told, the core holes are typically made in order for utility penetrations to take place. Concrete cutting services are typically acquired in order to assist with works related to electric wiring, heating and plumbing. This service is also meant to be taken up in order to help with underground constructional works including manhole taps and vault taps. Core drilling or coring works are also necessary to make way for sewer lines, water pipes, computer lines, steam pipes and phone lines etc.

In case a large part of concrete needs to be removed, then it is necessary for an entire series of core holes to be drilled in a row. However, they must be drilled in such a manner that they overlap each other. The name given to this particular form of core drilling is line drilling or line coring. This method is particularly meant to be used in cases where it is not possible for other concrete cutting methods to be applied. If anything, this method is best used when square or rectangle shaped concrete pieces have to be removed.

Just so you know, a steel tube is used to manufacture concrete drilling tools. There are diamond segments attached to the drilling end of the tool. It is also possible for professionals to make use of handheld core drill in order to cut through concrete. What you need to remember is that cutting is something that should only be performed by professionals. You must never take it as a DIY project. Visit website for further information in this regard.


Dubai – UAE

Friday, Aug 12, 2022