The overall success of a night club depends heavily upon how clean it is. If truth be told, maintaining cleanliness does not require much talent and skills. Wiping down tables after they have been used, busing dishes and glassware, maintaining a good kitchen and cleaning the bar properly at the end of the night is not something that requires talent. Disassembling a dishwasher, refilling the detergent and sanitizing the club every night is not a complicated task at all. If anything, maintaining cleanliness at even the top nightclub in Dubai is something that just requires hard work. But the one thing for sure that this bit of hard work is what the smooth operation of your night club depends on.

You need to acknowledge the fact maintaining cleanliness at the club is something that needs to be done at all times. There is not even a single second during the operation of your night club or indoor lounges in Dubai in which cleanliness can be ignored. The one thing that you can be sure of is that the party is going to create a big mess every night you open. Even after cleaning the rooms every single night, you will notice that there are small things that get left out and need to be given attention later on. Apart from that, there are certain areas that are hard to reach, including the roof rafters, behind shelving units, under the dishwashers and kitchen equipment. These are parts of the club that only need to be cleaned out every now and then, so their cleaning is something that you can keep for your off nights.

If you truly want to maintain cleanliness around the club, then it is necessary for you to come up with a bar cleaning schedule. This is basically a cleanliness approach that focuses on the identifications of every single area of the club that need to be cleaned. Once identified, you should give out responsibilities to your staff for maintaining cleanliness standards in the different rooms and the frequency at which they should do it. Apart from that, you should also fix what is known as a bar clean day. On this day, every single server, bartender and assistant that you have hired will come in on their day off for cleaning purposes. They will disassemble the bar and clean out the areas that are difficult to reach and hard to clean.


Dubai – UAE

Thursday, Jun 30, 2022