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Get New Lenses of Perception by Traveling

People call it travelling but I call it soulful travelling. You might be a successful businessman but life perception can only be learned by the travelling around, indulging in completely different challenges. It can be a long walk on the road where silence welcomes you with all of its glory. On my holidays to Morocco, one of my stranger friends taught the best lesson of life. She said, life only ask two things from you i.e. courage & willingness. Are you willing to let go your past and have the courage to embrace the new beginning?  Apparently, it is just a question, a simple statement that everybody will answer in ‘YES’. The answer is shallow until you implement It in real life scenario.

However, this process is very painful, but once your soul starts nourishing, you’ll feel certain calm and peace in your surroundings.  It is only possible by travelling to the places.

  • Meet new friends: Sometimes, it’s hard to express yourself to loved ones but can easily put your heart out in front of the strangers. You’ll learn that it’s not only you but the whole world is suffering. Everyone is seeking their metric of happiness.
  • Words of silence: Silence has a thundering voice, it either numb you for the moment or recreate the whole world of your imagination.
  • Acceptance: Uncertainties are obvious but your interpretation makes it less stressful. It doesn’t mean the life is going be easy but acceptance makes it easy to cope with harsh realities.
  • Sense of Responsibility: Solo travellers are open to every new challenge then no matter it is handling your worst nightmares, catching the sun rays when you can barely walk or enjoy your own little world of happiness.
  • Loyalty: As the world is more into outer charm then inner virtue.  Well dressed, expressive but shallow. Traveling will introduce you to the honesty, you’ll again learn the values that are lost. No matter, what others think about you but the question is what you think about yourself?
  • Organizing messy thoughts: Our minds are full of different opinions, some cuts are deeper and few realities take longer than usual to be accepted and it’s all messy. If you’re feeling so, sit under the stars in the desert, try observing the emptiness between the stars, few are brighter while others are just hard to notice but every star is shining. It is because they are not resisting their own charm but embracing it superbly.

Well, I believe travelling is all about coming out of the fantasies and facing the world by standing for yourself. You can only bring change by changing your lenses of perception. Try walking in someone else’s shoes or just look at the situations from the core of your heart and soul.

Apart from clearance of life’s path, some of the effects of travelling remain silent. They are not express in words but you can feel that change in you. These are few lessons I have learned from my experiences in Africa, Europe and holidays in Marrakech and I would love to hear anything new from you. Be courageous enough to let go yourself for a while and find a new peaceful version of yourself.

Aron Carl

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