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How Google AdWords Helps Grow Your Business

How Google AdWords Helps Grow Your Business

What is AdWords?

People often come online and look for a variety of options of the very product that they are searching for. Imagine, being able to reach a customer the minute when they come online and search for your product or service. This is basically what Google AdWords does for you. Google AdWords is a marketing service by Google which allows promoters to show clickable advertisements in Google search results. Using a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) payment way, promoters bid on the particular keyword for which they need to show for in the paid search results. When users do a search covering those specific keywords, Google displays the promoter advertisements in the funded search results. Since promoters are charged on a pay-per-click basis, they only need to pay if a user clicks on the advertisement.

How It Helps In Business

  1. Reach Your Customer:

Any business of any scope needs to be on the first page of Google. After being seen by a client at any particular time, they look for your info, product, service, deal or location. But as a small or minor business that can’t afford an AdWords campaign needs to organically get on top search results, so even while running an AdWords campaign, you need to understand that the one whom you are competing with is a career long, motivated Search Engine Optimization expert. But with AdWords you can participate on the same platform, no matter how long you have been around or no matter on what level your skill is. You can get your company viewed by your market, just when they are searching for specific products, services or offers.

  1. Reliably, Reach Your Local Customer:

AdWords give you location targeting option. So if you have a small business or even an e-commerce site, you can do geo-targeting to get seen by your customer. And by this way, you will not be spending any money on those who are not in your area range. AdWords allows you to simply target any country, areas that are within your radius and not just this. You can exclude locations even in your proximity targeting.

  1. Show your Location to Searchers through Location extension:

Location extension will help people to discover your location by showing your advertisements with your address, a map to your business or location. People can click or tap on your extension to get more details of your location on your location page, which contains the most important business information all will be in one place. Location extension can include a phone number or a call button for users can simply call your business.

  1. Show Your Contact Information:

You have maybe seen ad extensions on advertisements somewhere, but you might not have known how they worked. Ad extension lets your businesses like enhancing their Google Adwords with Ph. no., Address, App Download, Site Landing Page Link, Review, Previous Page visit and lots more things. They show up in blue color and always seem just below your ad description.

By having more contact info in your advertisements, ad extension makes its way simple for your possible client to connect with you. When ad extension doesn’t cost anything more to include in your advertisement, you are charged same for a click on them like you are for your headline. For example, if le suppose someone clicks on your contact number to call you directly from your ad extension, you will be billed for this funded conversion. (Yup, Google will track clicked phone calls on mobile, tablets and desktops.)


  1. Target Highly Specific Searches:

Keyword, keyword and only keyword. This is the thing for which Google AdWords is known for.

The more targeted your keyword, the better it is, Google will rank your advertisement. You will also spread a lot of customers who want the same products or services what you are offering right now. If you are using AdWords directly, be sure to research via suggested keyword for every advertisement group you created. Some Google advertisement provider offers to do hard work for your ad by choosing the most improved and targeted keyword for your ad group.


This is all but just a glimpse into the world of Digital Marketing. To know more about Google AdWords or any other such tool or software, enroll at Digital Technology Institute, New Delhi and be trained by the best marketing individuals that India has to offer.

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