Pelvic inflammatory disease:

Pelvic inflammatory disease is a disease which is also known as PID in medical science. There are different types of pelvic diseases such as endometritis, pelvioperitonis, myonetritis, oophoritis, and salpinitis. This disease mostly occurs in the woman of age between 16 and 25. It is basically a sexually transmitted disease which can create problem for a woman in her future. This disease can be treated with the help of antibiotics. Kidney patients living in UAE can find the best urologist in Dubai.


Hydronephrosis is a urology disease and it is due to the swelling or increase in the size of the inner cavities of kidney. In this disease the natural flow of urine is affected and the patient feels difficulty during urinating. This is difficulty is because of the swelling in the walls of kidney. Anemia and excessive pain in bladder are the symptoms of hydrophrosis. Surgery and antibiotics are helpful in the treatment of this disease.

Urinary discontinuation:

This disease belongs to urology and it is purely a urinary disorder in which a person feels discontinuation during urination. This is very common disease but if it is not treated in time then the person have to face some serious consequences. This disease mostly occurs in old age men and women. Disturbance in hormones and instability in nervous system are the major causes of this disease.


This disease is a chronic inflammation in kidneys. It usually occurs in middle age men and women and some old age cases are also in record. This is purely an inflammatory disease which is due to bacterial infection in kidney. Diabetes mellitus patients have more chances to be infected by this disease. The ratio of white blood cells in blood increases due to this disease and that’s why patient feels chills in this disease. Treatment with antibiotics is the only way to get rid of this disease.


In this disease the salts of uric acid get deposited in the kidneys, bones, bladder etc. This deposited salt creates disorders in the shapes of bones and other organs of body and if this problem is not treated in time then a person may have to face kidneys failure. Stones formation in kidneys, acidity in urine, pain in bladder, pain during urination is the symptoms of this disease. According to doctors this disease is becoming common day by day and it affects quality of life. Surgery is a only way of its treatment in most of cases.

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Saturday, Oct 1, 2022