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Hiking and Backpacking for man

Hiking and Backpacking Safety Tips

If you love to go in for hiking, then it is really important to learn how to go backpacking, but it can be a little confusing for the first time backpackers. You are camping in the forest — miles from the people and different facilities but, the silence is one of the best reasons to get on the trail and go backpacking.

Don’t let your worries and the unfamiliar landscape stop you from going backpacking.

I will tell some tips and tricks which will help beginner backpackers get started.

What Is Backpacking?

What Is Backpacking

So what is backpacking? Backpacking is the combination of camping and hiking in the backcountry. Thing usually backpacker carries a tent, food, clothing sleeping bag and cookware in a backpack and hikes to a backcountry camping destination.

It is not important to walk thousands of miles to get started backpacking. There are many short and easy to go to places for backpacking that is scenic and as well as beautiful.

If you are going for backpacking very first time or going first time in the season, Then it is really important to get in shape before you go for the trail. Hiking is easy as compared to backpacking because in backpacking you are walking with the extra weight of your camping gear.

Before going for the trip, start hiking with a low distance and carry a lightweight pack to get in shape for backpacking.  As your trip gets closer start adding more weight to your backpack and increase up your mileage. If you get in form for your backpacking trip, you will feel much better when you are on the trail.

If you don’t have enough time to train and you haven’t prepared for a backpacking trip, then make sure to reduce the weight of your backpack. Take only necessary and lightweight gear for your trip, and pick a destination that is just a few miles from the trailhead.

So now you are prepared for your trip, but what should you carry in your backpack?

repared for your trip, but wh

Most backpackers keep their pack light and carry all the necessary camping gear with them to make their trip more comfortable and relax.

Ultimately, for a successful backpacking trip, now you only need shelter and food. There are few important backpacking stuff that each backpacker should carry when planning for backpacking and some items that a group of backpackers should share to divide the load.

Before leaving your home for backpacking make a list of all the items to make sure that you haven’t forgotten anything and leave all the unnecessary stuff at home. Each pound you dropped from your bag will make your hike more comfortable and more relaxed.

You are ready and packed, now where should you go?

Popular backpacking destinations are forest, national and state parks, and wilderness areas.  For popular routes check the ranger station in your region, and for the maps and books, your outdoor retailer and local camping is a good resource for it.

To have a source of water look for a point near a lake, creek or river. Once you have decided your spot, make sure that you get all the proper permits and check the regulations for storage, camping, fires, and food.

Now that you selected a destination, what precautions can you take to stay safe in the wilderness?

In addition to being prepared physically, it is necessary to know how to take care of yourself in an emergency, how to pack the right gear and choose the right trail.

To avoid blisters make sure your hiking boots fit correctly. On a long hike never wear a brand-new pair of boots. Before going to backpacking try to break them by walking and test them on shorter hikes.

Always let someone know about your destination, route, when will you come and when you’ll be gone. And after returning make sure to call them.

Don’t forget to keep your first-aid kit because it is the most important thing in backpacking trips and after deciding your spot it is important to know all the emergency resources in that region.

When you get lost, try to stay cool, keep calm, keep warm and stay put.

A campfire can provide you light, comfort, heat if you need to spend the night and also help others to find you.

One person should always remain with the injured person in case of an accident. You should also know the use of basic first aid techniques. Other group members should carefully note the position and inform the local Forest Service.

Always remain with your partner and don’t get separated from your group members. Always stay eyes on your group and regroup and stop at any trail junctions.

Carry a whistle with you in case of getting lost. Whistle three times which is the universal signal for help.


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